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Vince Marotta’s promposal to ABC 15’s Stephanie Hockridge

It’s a match made in media heaven.

It all started on Feb. 11 when ABC 15’s Stephanie Hockridge joined Bickley and Marotta and challenged Vince in “Vinny Joe Trivia.”

The connection Hockridge and Marotta shared was palpable, but we all thought their story ended there.

And then, in this past Tuesday’s edition of “What’s on Your Mind,” Vince went off on the idea of promposals, arguing that the only reason people like them is because they are being performed by kids and there is no chance of a relationship happening anyway.

“What would happen if, say, a 44-year-old guy who has a radio show in a top-15 market would use social media to ask out, I don’t know, ABC 15’s Stephanie Hockridge,” Marotta asked. “How many retweets would that take? And is that cute or is that just pathetic?”

That led to this:

And then this:

And it totally happened.

Stephanie surprised Vince in studio Friday during the show to talk about his courtship and receive the promposal, which happens about 5:31 into the video and can be heard here:

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