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  • Suns not ready to decide on Carter, Brooks contracts

    While the Suns worry about who they will be adding to the roster via Thursday’s draft, questions remain about a couple of players who are currently on the roster. Vince Carter and Aaron Brooks both face an uncertain offseason, with Brooks being a restricted free agent and Carter having a $4 million buyout option on […]
  • Diamondbacks embark on crucial stretch of games

    If the Arizona Diamondbacks are to make a run in the National League West they’ll first have to get through the AL Central and a slew of road games. As Interleague Play continues the Diamondbacks hit the road to take on the Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers before returning home to battle the Cleveland […]
  • One analyst compares Jimmer to Steve Nash

    Most experts have wondered whether Jimmer Fredette is a point guard or a shooting guard in the NBA. His size would suggest the former but his play at BYU would suggest the latter. Don’t tell that to CBS’ Seth Davis though, he’d like you to believe Jimmer can play the point like someone near and […]
  • Wildcats bring 7-footer in for unofficial visit

    Sean Miller is continuing his strong recruiting efforts, bringing 7-footer Kaleb Tarczewski for an unofficial visit. Tarczewski, who is also being recruited by Kansas and North Carolina, said there is plenty to like about Arizona. “Coach (Sean) Miller is a great guy. I really like how he does things. He came to the school this […]
  • Trading Robin Lopez this year isn’t a good idea

    It’s no secret that Robin Lopez was a disappointment last season for the Phoenix Suns. That disappointment has lead many people to speculate that the center’s day’s in the desert are numbered. Don’t count Sports 620 KTAR’s Ron Wolfley as one of them. On the Doug and Wolf show Tuesday he made it very clear […]
  • Cardinals trying, ever so hard, to practice

    With the lockout maybe, possibly and wishfully nearing an end, the time for teams to begin readying for the next season may be at hand. A few Cardinals, though, are tired of waiting around. They want to make sure everyone is ready to go. According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, veterans Adrian Wilson […]
  • Nash to the Knicks rumors just won’t die

    The Steve Nash to the New York Knicks rumors are like the characters on the AMC show The Walking Dead; they just won’t die. No matter what the Phoenix Suns front office says or how many times Nash himself professes he doesn’t want to leave, the rumors still find a way to re-emerge with some […]
  • Marcin Gortat is like Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant

    You can put Marcin Gortat in the same category as Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant. No, not as one of the greatest players in the game — although he is the greatest Polish basketball player — but rather as a player who has turned to Hakeem Olajuwon for help with his low post moves. Gortat, […]
  • Suns looking to deal Robin Lopez to Warriors?

    Where there’s smoke more often than not there is fire and there’s been an awful lot of smoke coming from the Phoenix Suns’ direction this past week. Plenty of rumors have circulated that the Suns are interested in making a trade to either move up or land another pick in Thursday’s draft. Some have ranged […]
  • Suns would likely pass on Jimmer to take Iman Shumpert

    Suns fans have been pretty vocal about who they don’t want the team to select with the No. 13 pick, but by the time the Houston Rockets are on the clock for No. 14 they may be yearning for the days when they were afraid of hearing “Phoenix Suns select Jimmer Fredette.” “What player are […]
  • Cardinals had their QB but he couldn’t keep his mouth shut

    The seemingly never ending search for the Cardinals quarterback didn’t have to happen. One year ago the team seemed content with their post-Warner QBs, with Matt Leinart, Derek Anderson, John Skelton and Max Hall all readying themselves for training camp. Then Leinart went and opened his mouth. “If he wouldn’t have held that little press […]
  • Potential Arizona Diamondbacks wish list

    Despite losing three of their past four series and four of the last six games, the Arizona Diamondbacks are only a half-game out of first place. Arizona is in contention this year and will find themselves in a buyers roll at the trade deadline rather than the role of sellers. The Diamondbacks are in need […]
  • Upton the best player in National League — last week

    To say Justin Upton had a pretty good week would be an understatement. The D-backs’ right fielder collected 16 hits (good for a .552 batting average), seven RBI and one walk-off homer during the seven day stretch, and on Monday he added a National League Player of the Week honor as well. In all Upton […]
  • Carson likely to make team USA

    Coming off a last place finish is usually nothing to be rave about, but incoming recruit Jahii Carson has Sun Devils fans excited about the upcoming basketball season. Carson, who has been billed as the savior of Sun Devils basketball, spent the weekend trying out for USA Basketball’s U19 team. The Arizona Republic reported that […]
  • If D-backs are to contend they’ll need to add a bat

    It is pretty apparent, at this point in the season, that the Arizona Diamondbacks are a pretty good baseball team. Just a half-game behind the San Francisco Giants, the D-backs can conceivably win the NL West — if they make some additions. “It’s becoming more and more apparent that the Diamondbacks, they need a bat, […]
  • Who will play DH for D-backs this week?

    With the Arizona Diamondbacks packing their bags and heading on a six-game road trip to American League ballparks they’ll need a designated hitter. (You know the position that Crash Davis and baseball traditionalists lament about?) On Saturday the club cut infielder Sean Burroughs to make room for a player from the minor leagues who could […]
  • Are fans to blame for ASU’s struggles?

    Fans often blame coaches and players for the lack of success the ASU football program has experienced, however fans never seem to point the fingers at themselves. While fans may not think they have an impact on the game because they do not call plays like coaches or score touchdowns like players, they do have […]
  • Swinging more is the key to Upton’s success

    Name an offensive statistic and chances are Justin Upton is getting better at it. Not only has the Arizona right fielder increased his batting average from .273 last year to .302 this year, but he has also drastically improved his knowledge of the strike zone. According to a, the average major league hitter strikes […]
  • Gortat for Derrick Williams? 10 reasons for pulling the trigger

    Though it may be difficult to believe sometimes, I am a Phoenix Suns fan. I grew up watching the team and would like nothing more than to see someone wearing purple and orange hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy. It is for those reasons why I have been frustrated with the moves they’ve made over the […]
  • Whisenhunt hints at Kolb or Orton

    Most talk pertaining to the Arizona Cardinals quarterback position has come from people with no actual say in the matter (like us). Monday someone whose job security is directly connected to the move weighed in on the matter. Cards head coach Ken Whisenhunt joined the SiriusXM NFL Radio show the Blitz and had some interesting […]