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Doug & Wolf

  • Motivation Monday: What motivates Doug Franz

    Here's what motivates Doug Franz on this Monday.
  • In Carson Palmer I trust

    Every $19.95 invention grabbed my attention. If I buy now, I can get my offer doubled. However, this offer is not available in stores! From age 5 to 14, almost every time an ad came on TV with an incredible idea, my dad would say, “If the offer is too good to believe, don’t.” Dad, […]
  • Confidence, questions and concerns from Week 1 of Cardinals camp

    Doug Franz gives us what he's confident about and what concerns him about the Arizona Cardinals.
  • Great does not make Todd Gurley right for the Arizona Cardinals

    A completely healthy Todd Gurley will be a great player in the NFL. The Arizona Cardinals should not draft Todd Gurley.
  • In Ray Anderson they trust

    All indications point to Jeff Capel as the next head coach of Arizona State.
  • On Arizona State’s coaching search: Sad, but true

    There's zero buzz in the Phoenix marketplace for ASU basketball.
  • A gift for the Pac-12 is a national joke

    Some mistakes are so egregious it calls every other accomplishment into question.
  • Darnell Dockett did right…and wrong

    Darnell Dockett is not disloyal. Dockett is not a traitor. Dockett is, however, a hypocrite.
  • Phoenix Suns should hitch their wagon to Jeff Hornacek

    I gladly take the wheel of the bus for anyone jumping off. Jeff Hornacek is 100 percent the right man for the Phoenix Suns.
  • Markieff Morris is not a championship player

    Markieff Morris is not a championship player. Every day Morris is on the Suns roster, the Suns move further away from being a championship team.