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Doug & Wolf

  • Doug: Notes from Cardinals close win over Raiders

    GAME NOTES V OAK Before KO, all I care about is if Dockett shows up…have to wait till I find out since Cards get ball first Couldn’t have predicted that start…I guess I do get to see Dockett Easy call on the PI if it was on the illegal pick…couldn’t hear ref’s mic to know […]
  • Doug: I refuse to believe

    So they started this morning but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. I got 7 fire Dennis Erickson e-mails over night last night. I was actually happy that it was only 7. I refuse to believe the majority of ASU fans want Dennis Erickson fired. In order to want Dennis Erickson fired, you have […]
  • Wolf: Cards got pushed around

    Of all the woes suffered by the Cardinals on Sunday nothing compares to what happened on the line-of-scrimmage (LOS) on the defensive side of the ball: the Cardinals got pushed around. This was appalling. I wanted to cover my mouth and gasp like my aunt Edna used to do when reality seemed too much to […]
  • Doug: Mailbag 9/19

    Here's the link to a previous blog on why the mailbag is back. If you're wondering why I haven't returned your e-mail, it's saved for the mailbag. Want to contribute to the next mailbag? E-mail me here.
  • Doug: Notes from Cardinals loss to Falcons

    1st quarter Almost broke that return Turner is back Why did Dockett get all that money D-line getting man-handled More Turner Rhodes already…I thought they’ve been working on penalties Hey! An incompletion. 1st negative play Defense is completely unready to play TD ATL Hey look, another penalty on the KO return Illegal formation…all you have […]
  • Doug’s NFL Power Poll – Week 2

    After the Indianapolis Colts went down to Houston and lost in Week 1 Doug had to re-arrange the top of his Power Poll after just one week. The Cardinals won and won ugly. Did that move them up from No. 16? Follow @theAdamGreen
  • Doug: Notes from the Cardinals Week 1 win over the Rams

    1st quarter Brandon Keith can’t possibly think he’s supposed to block the outside rush and let someone come untouched from the 5-technique DA looks really inaccurate to start but the key is no INT’s and his receivers are bailing him out Great move by Campbell…made the sack while being held Can’t possibly play a better […]
  • Doug’s NFL Power Poll – Week 1

    Doug is back with his weekly Power Poll. He starts the NFL season with last year’s Super Bowl participants as the 1-2 and national favorites Ravens and Packers following. Follow @Tyler_Bassett
  • Wolf: Let the kid play

    We of the Wu Fang Clan have driven our stakes into the ground. Camped on the banks of the river Whatareyouthinking, we huddle in our tents, awaiting a runner’s news on the backup QB for the Arizona Cardinals. The clan grows restive. What will the news bring? Whatever the messenger delivers, it will whip the […]
  • Doug: Mailbag 9/2

    Anderson sucks: Give Mattie a chance to run the team, if not go with Max. Patrick I don’t think Anderson sucks and I don’t think Leinart’s great. I would have gone with Matt but clearly we’re beyond that stage now. Matt will be the starter but he won’t last 2 games. That’s my prediction… DA […]
  • Doug: Mailbag 8/31

    In case you missed it, here’s the link to a previous blog on why the mail bag is back. If you’re wondering why I haven’t returned your e-mail, it’s saved for the mailbag. If anyone can take the strong armed, but erratic Derek Anderson and change his mechanics and turn him into a solid Q.B., […]
  • Doug: I’m sorry

    I’ve been struggling all weekend if I should write this or not. I decided that giving you information for you to judge is better than hiding the info and having you wonder, “what happened?” I ran into a situation last week and I’ve decided to make a dramatic change. I will no longer be as […]
  • Wolf: Apocalypse Cardinals

    Apocalypse, literally translated, means the unveiling. And it is the perfect word to describe the fortunes of the Arizona Cardinals in 2010. But lifting the veil has little to do with Big Red quarterbacks. I am concerned about the quarterback play of the Arizona Cardinals but I am more concerned with the play of their […]
  • Doug: Definition of team

    Larry Fitzgerald was in the huddle for every play call despite no helmet or pads and a huge brace on his right leg. He broke the huddle like anyone else. Of course it seemed like Coach Ken Whisenhunt was genius. Why not run the first play in NFL history that went 5-wide with a running […]
  • Doug: Quick reactions

    • Leinart—better than in practice but still hung Larry out to dry • BKeith—can’t handle Mario • Fanaca—if he’s a HOFer, he didn’t show it • DWash—Wow…can cover and blow up running backs • DWill—three plays sequence: ended up pushed back 8 yards/stuffed a 3rd & 1/pushed back on QB sneak for 1st down…Washington looks […]