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Doug & Wolf

  • RIP Vladimir Krutov

    Time has a way of extracting emotion from memories. The more removed we are from the memory the more detail we forget. Our senses add so much to recall and these are the very things that dissipate when observed through the finite prism of time. The soul is so much more than a recording devise […]
  • Give ’em a break

    What’s happened to us? Why do we feel like sports allows us to attack the innocent or young? LeBron James is a professional athlete who claimed to be on the verge of winning not 1, 2, 3…but 7 World Championships. He has had the ball in his hands at the end of many games too […]
  • Things to ponder this Memorial Day

    Horrible officiating in the NHL’s Western Conference finals, but it doesn’t matter right now. Hoping the Goldwater Institute actually represents Barry Goldwater and stays out of the way, but it doesn’t matter right now. Believe Ian Kennedy will find his mojo and return to being an ace, but it doesn’t matter right now. Two very […]
  • Lord of the Eyes

    I saw LeBron James do something in Game 5 of their best- of-seven series with the Indiana Pacers and I’m having a hard time getting over it. I saw King James get hacked by a guy that has been talking about hacking LeBron and the Miami Heat all series. I saw would-be bad boy, Danny […]
  • Justin Upton’s responsibility

    Winston Churchill once said, “Responsibility is the price of greatness.” Even though I know Churchill was not thinking of baseball, the Arizona Diamondbacks or Justin Upton when he said this, watching Justin Upton play the game of baseball for the Arizona Diamondbacks makes me think of Churchill. Writing the paragraph above made me think of […]
  • Beat LA!

    Score first. Throw everything at the net to start tonight’s game. In the wildest dreams of Coyotes fans, players, coaches, front office members, players’ mothers, Phoenix would not be one game away from the Western Conference Finals. There’s always the domino theory of pressure. If the Coyotes don’t clinch tonight, doubt will creep in their […]
  • The Seau’s Dilemma

    It took me three days to write this column. I didn’t and don’t want my thoughts on the death of another contemporary to be emotionally charged (even though that seems to be the only thing I continue to channel). I don’t like thinking about these sentences and their direction, tone or meaning. The words that […]
  • Wolf’s Freakshow: Part II

    When I played the game of football I used what my Creator gave me to the best of my ability. I was too small, too weak, too slow…too everything but was blessed with playing in the National Football League for ten years – even though I shouldn’t have been there ten days. And this is […]
  • Cardinals will (hopefully) have options at 13

    Groups. Plateaus. Shelves. Pods. Every player to be drafted over the course of the next three days is in one. After months of evaluating college games, the Combine and individual workouts, every team ranks each player 1-700, but also groups them together in terms of talent pods. Out of every piece of internal information each […]
  • Wolf’s Freakshow: Part I

    When I played the game of football, I used what my Creator gave me to the best of my ability. I was too small, too weak, too slow – too everything but was blessed with playing in the National Football League for ten years – even though I shouldn’t have been there ten days. And […]
  • Taking a look at the Cardinals’ schedule

    The NFL released its schedule for the 2012 season. Fans, players and analysts all over the country eagerly gathered around the Matrix, staring at their computer screens. The annual occurrence has turned into a celebration of what the league has become, an acknowledgement of offseason greatness – even though the huddled hordes knew what they […]
  • The NFL Draft: Trust Nobody

    I think Justin Blackmon is going to be a great receiver in the NFL for years to come. The talented WR from Oklahoma State has been all over draft boards lately, rising and falling with aplomb. Although he runs sloppy routes now and does have some problems in tight coverage, his skill set reminds me […]
  • Shane Doan is the greatest captain in NHL history

    Shane Doan is the greatest captain in NHL history. Here’s the chain of events. Arizona Sports 620 will tweet out a link to this blog. A Phoenix snowbird from Canada who listens to the show will read it and laugh openly. He will then retweet the link or e-mail it to a buddy still in […]
  • Dad and baseball

    Today is Opening Day…at least I think it is. Since this is the fourth day of an opening day for the 2012 season I’m not in the same celebratory mood as normal. Follow @theAdamGreen
  • Gregg Williams is done

    Listening to the Gregg Williams audio to his players the night before they played San Francisco put an emotional charge into me and filled me with a darkness only Edgar Allen Poe could understand. I haven’t felt that melancholy in a long, long time. The man is good at what he does…or did. Most likely, […]