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  • High school player hits game-winning shot — for wrong team

    Everyone who has ever played competitive basketball has dreamt of hitting a game-winning shot at the buzzer. And, a lucky group of athletes have done just that, with some of their shots becoming the stuff of legend. Over in Oklahoma, Hugho High School guard Trey Johnson made a shot that will go down in history. […]
  • Hockey glass shatters and it’s cool

    Every now and then, in a hockey game, you’ll see a player get slammed into the boards hard enough to shatter some glass. It’s awesome. Dangerous, but awesome. Teal Burns, of the BCHL’s Alberni Valley Bulldogs was sent into the glass by a player on the Nanaimo Clippers, and the result was, well, given everything […]
  • Lakers trick Hornets into defending wrong basket

    Sometimes you just have to shake your head. The Los Angeles Lakers, locked up in a close game with the New Orleans Hornets, scored a couple of points by tricking their opponent into defending the wrong basket. The play happened with just more than 25 seconds remaining and the Lakers up by two, and it […]
  • A little rain never hurt soccer in Kazakhstan

    Kazakhstanis and soccer are two things that don’t appear to go together real well. Throw in some heavy rain and a swampy field and it’s a completely different story. During an unknown league match in Kazakhstan this week, two teams played in spite of a flooded surface and the result was quite comical. Check out […]
  • Timberwolves and Heat: The NBA’s next great rivalry

    About a week ago, the Miami Heat released their rendition of the “Harlem Shake.” You can see it here. The video has been seen over 31 million times on Youtube, which makes sense because it’s done pretty well. But the Minnesota Timberwolves have beaten the Heat. Literally. After a game between the teams Monday night, […]
  • Stephen A. Smith proves he knows nothing about hockey

    ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is a bit of a controversial character. But one thing there’s no arguing about is that he does not know the sport of hockey. Period. End of story. Smith, on Monday morning’s SportsCenter, was discussing the Chicago Blackhawk’s impressive point streak to start the season. Chicago, who you may remember for […]
  • The buzzer beater of all buzzer beaters

    There are buzzer beaters and then there are buzzer beaters. The conclusion of Saturday night’s New York Section 1 Class AA final between New Rochelle High School and Mt. Vernon High School falls into the latter category. With less than two seconds to go, Mount Vernon intercepted an inbounds pass and was mere moments away […]
  • Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal…and yes another Harlem Shake

    So for the past few weeks the Harlem Shake has been a fixture on the Haboob Blog. The D-backs and Suns got into the act early on. One video caused 11 players to get kicked off their college football team. And, who can forget the recent performance put on by LeBron James and Co. TNT’s […]
  • Youth coach trips opponent, gets jail sentence

    Remember your days as a youth athlete when coaches would mandate that you’d shake your opponents’ hands — win or lose? And sometimes, if you didn’t like the other team, maybe you’d lick or spit on your hand before exchanging “pleasantries” with your opponent. Petty? Yes, but it happens from time to time with kids […]
  • One of the coolest catches in baseball history

    It’s one thing to catch a baseball, and it’s another thing to make a diving catch. But to make a diving catch while doing a flip in midair? That’s just cool. Big tip of the cap to North Carolina State center fielder Brett Williams for this one. Follow @AZSports
  • Adidas makes some of the worst uniforms in the history of uniforms

    The gift of sight does not seem so great at the moment. A half-dozen college basketball teams will be getting new duds for the postseason this year and, well, they’re awful. Just awful. was cruel kind enough to alert us to these beauties, which will be worn by Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA […]
  • ‘We have cheap beer!’ say the Suns

    Earlier this week published its study of beer prices in the NBA. According to the report, the Phoenix Suns and the New York Knicks have the priciest brews in the league. The study says the Suns’ average beer price is $9 — almost double the cheapest suds in the league. Both Oklahoma City and […]
  • Miami Heat do the Harlem Shake

    In the world of viral internet videos, we have to say that the Miami Heat are a little late in putting out their version of the Harlem Shake — I mean it’s so February 12th. But if you’re going to take your time in putting something out, it should be of good quality and the […]
  • Play-by-play guy mistakes airball for buzzer beater

    A television play-by-play announcer has one job: call the game as he or she sees it. But as Washington Wizards PBP guy Steve Buckhantz found out Wednesday night, that can be a problem when he sees it entirely different from everyone else. Down 96-95 to the Detroit Pistons late in Wednesday’s contest, Wizards forward Trevor […]
  • Phoenix Suns making it costly to drink at their games?

    Oh Phoenix Suns, why? According to, beer prices at US Airways Center are higher than any other NBA arena. At $9.00 per beverage, the Suns’ prices nearly double that of the cheapest suds, which belong to Oklahoma City and San Antonio at $5.00 per drink. So, what does this tell us? Not much, really, […]

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