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  • ‘We have cheap beer!’ say the Suns

    Earlier this week published its study of beer prices in the NBA. According to the report, the Phoenix Suns and the New York Knicks have the priciest brews in the league. The study says the Suns’ average beer price is $9 — almost double the cheapest suds in the league. Both Oklahoma City and […]
  • Miami Heat do the Harlem Shake

    In the world of viral internet videos, we have to say that the Miami Heat are a little late in putting out their version of the Harlem Shake — I mean it’s so February 12th. But if you’re going to take your time in putting something out, it should be of good quality and the […]
  • Play-by-play guy mistakes airball for buzzer beater

    A television play-by-play announcer has one job: call the game as he or she sees it. But as Washington Wizards PBP guy Steve Buckhantz found out Wednesday night, that can be a problem when he sees it entirely different from everyone else. Down 96-95 to the Detroit Pistons late in Wednesday’s contest, Wizards forward Trevor […]
  • Phoenix Suns making it costly to drink at their games?

    Oh Phoenix Suns, why? According to, beer prices at US Airways Center are higher than any other NBA arena. At $9.00 per beverage, the Suns’ prices nearly double that of the cheapest suds, which belong to Oklahoma City and San Antonio at $5.00 per drink. So, what does this tell us? Not much, really, […]
  • Brent Musberger autographs photo of Katherine Webb

    Brent Musberger made a celebrity out of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend. You probably know her as “Katherine Webb”. Anyway, Musberger took some heat for his comments about her during the BCS National Championship Game in January, but Webb herself was simply flattered. Not much has come of it since then, with Musberger continuing to […]
  • James Harden’s beard gets a timeline

    There’s not much left to say about James Harden’s beard. After all, its greatness has been well-documented and any extra attempts to describe it may ultimately lead to poor and unnecessary adjectives, the likes of which could make the beard angry. And we don’t want to do that. Anyway, the good folks over at […]
  • Larry Fitzgerald to catch passes from JaMarcus Russell?

    Well this is…ummm….interesting. According to, the Arizona Cardinals’ Pro Bowl receiver is scheduled to attend JaMarcus Russell’s pro day. You know, the same JaMarcus Russell that was taken number one overall by the Oakland Raiders in 2007 before going on to throw 18 touchdowns and 23 interceptions in 31 career games. Oh, he also […]
  • Larry Fitzgerald: Catches passes, climbs ice

    No one will ever accuse Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald of being a homebody. The seven-time Pro Bowler typically travels the world during the offseason, and this one is no different. Fitzgerald’s latest location appears to be Slovenia, and as posted on his Instagram page, it appears he’s been doing some climbing. On ice. We […]
  • Off the back, on top of the backboard and in

    If you’ve watched basketball for any amount of time, surely you’ve seen a wily player bounce the ball off the back of an unsuspecting defender on an inbound pass and go up for a shot. Markel Walker of the UCLA Women’s team did just that during the 17th-ranked Bruins’ 63-58 win over arch-rival USC Sunday […]
  • Raging Bull, Rocky and Robin Lopez

    Former Sun Robin Lopez has seen his career rejuvenated since being traded to the New Orleans Hornets last July. The former No. 15 overall pick out of Stanford is averaging career-highs in points (11.4), rebounds (5.3) and blocks per game (1.6). Now Lopez hasn’t exactly developed into one of the premier centers in the league […]
  • Diamondbacks spoof GEICO commercial

    You know those GEICO commercials that feature some random scene followed by a couple of guys playing a banjo talking about how happy the person is? They’re kind of funny. Especially this one with a slinky going down an escalator. Or this one with a witch in a broom factory. Or this one with Dikembe […]
  • ‘Charles Barkley, come on down!’

    He hasn’t played in an NBA game in 14 years, but Charles Barkley is just as visible as he’s always been. Don’t believe us? Thursday, Barkley appeared on “The Price is Right” — as a contestant, an advice giver and the host. Sir Charles bid on items related to his career, both on the court […]
  • Amazing half-court shot…by cheerleader

    We’ve seen players, fans, heck, even mascots attempt half-court shots at college basketball games. Usually, the results are predictable — a bad miss and a groan from the crowd. But at William Carey College in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the cheerleaders get into the act. And one cheerleader in particular may have made the shot of the […]
  • Bar Mitzvah rap invite goes viral

    Paper invitations are so yesterday. A 12-year-old boy sent a rap video invite to friends and family for his upcoming Bar Mitzvah in May. Daniel Blumen, aka D Mazel Tov, did a remake version of “Welcome to Atlanta” with some prominent famous faces making appearances in the video. We wonder how young Daniel’s party can […]
  • The Cardinals logo if all NFL logos were British

    Your prayers have been answered. Like us, we’re sure you’ve always wondered what NFL team logos would look like if the teams were British. And like us, now you have the answer. posted logos for every team, and the Cardinals version can be seen to the left. The “Crimson Flighty Birds”…not bad. Follow @AZSports