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Tom Brady trolls Roger Goodell with local health care commercial

The 2016 NFL season came to an unforgettable end Sunday night when the New England Patriots came back from a 25-point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime in Super Bowl LI in Houston.

Back in September, one of the league’s biggest story lines was that New England quarterback Tom Brady was finally serving a four-game suspension stemming from the “Deflategate” saga during the 2014 season.

Despite the layoff, Brady’s confidence in how the season would end didn’t waiver…apparently.

Brady spent part of his time away from the team filming a commercial for Shields MRI, a company based in Quincy, Mass. During the spot, filmed by director Peter Farrelly, Brady is asked to remove all his jewelry before entering the MRI tube. He takes four Super Bowl rings off his fingers and places them into a locker. Before closing the locker, Brady is asked if there’s anything else. He pulls a fifth Super Bowl ring out of his pocket and says “I forgot this one, it’s kind of new.”

The spot aired locally in Boston right after the game. It was filmed Sept. 19.

The commercial ends with the attendant saying “we’re going to have to get you a bigger locker.”

“Roger, that,” Brady replies with a big smile on his face — a shot at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who spearheaded the exhausting “Deflategate” legal process against Brady and the Patriots.

According to the Boston Globe, if the Patriots would have lost, Shields would have run a more generic spot in this one’s place.

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