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Franz’s 2012 NFL Power Poll – Week 2

1) New England Patriots: Outgained Tennessee 162-20 on the ground…also converted 50% of their third downs.

2) San Francisco 49ers: Averaged an unbelievable 5.8 yards/carry…granted it was Aaron Rodgers, but you can’t allow 6-of-13 third down conversions if your team is based on defense.

3) Baltimore Ravens: Largest margin of victory (+31) and it came against a good team (CIN)…allowing 4.6 yards/carry is very un-Raven like.

4) Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers complained about the refs and Donald Driver complained about playing time which is not something 15-1 teams do…short week w/ Thursday night game this week but long week with no game until Monday Night Football at Seattle.

5) Atlanta Falcons: I predicted this would be the year of the Flacco but didn’t expect as much improvement from Ryan as I saw…defense allowed almost 400 yards and lost DB Brent Grimes for the year.

6) Denver Broncos: Obviously it’s not impossible to win allowing 11-for-19 3rd downs to be converted…Game 1 of three brutal road games at Atlanta this week (Monday Night Football –at New England & at Baltimore are the others).

7) Pittsburgh Steelers: The team that fired their offensive coordinator to re-establish the run rushed for two first downs.

8) Houston Texans: Can’t help but notice the three sacks and +4 turnovers without Mario Williams while Buffalo looked like they were without Mario Williams as well.

9) Dallas Cowboys: Normally wouldn’t care about 3rd place after only one week but 433 yards against the Giants is impressive.

10) New York Giants: Gave up 5.5 yards per carry vs Dallas…perfect time to see vs. Tampa Bay.

11) Cincinnati Bengals: Only Buffalo gave up more points…Baltimore averaged a first down every time they threw the ball against this defense.

12) San Diego Chargers: Maybe you’re better than I thought but you’ve won eight of the last nine in Oakland anyway…schedule could mean a 5-1 start to the season.

13) Philadelphia Eagles: They roll up 456 yards and only 17 points?…vs. Baltimore will really test Vick.

14) Detroit Lions: Four of next five on the road…no QB has ever thrown for 350 yards in five straight games. Stafford’s at four in a row but at San Francisco isn’t the place to pull it off.

15) Washington Redskins: Don’t know how long this will last but this is the #1 offense in the league…Win at St. Louis and you’re 2-0 with all eight home games remaining.

16) New York Jets: Do you remember me saying the Jets would be the #1 scoring offense? Good, because I don’t either.

17) Chicago Bears: Normally a beat down like that puts you higher, but Cutler’s pick-six was so bad I’m leery…Win at Green Bay and I’ll put them near the top.

18) St. Louis Rams: So St. Louis is happy with Sam Bradford and doesn’t need RG3; oh by the way, Washington is in town this weekend.

19) New Orleans Saints: Four three-and-outs vs. Washington while averaging less than 1.5 per game last year…Defense was so bad it made you wonder if the loss of Vitt was worse than the loss of Payton.

20) Kansas City Chiefs: Losing to Atlanta isn’t terrible, but there’s never an excuse to give up 40 points at home…Tamba Hali back for Week 2 at Buffalo should make things better.

21) Arizona Cardinals: Could move up even with a loss at New England…Feels good to win but offense is 30th in the league.

22) Buffalo Bills: If Mario Williams ever plays like that again, this team is no better than any other in the post-K-gun era…ever since Ryan Fitzpatrick signed his contract extension midway through last year, he leads the league in interceptions.

23) Indianapolis Colts: Luck will be much better with Collie & Hilton playing — plus, they’ve got the Vikings at home instead of playing at the Bears.

24) Tennessee Titans: Chris Johnson averaged 14.4 INCHES per carry!

25) Oakland Raiders: It stinks former Sun Devil Travis Goethel struggled so bad in his chance at long snapper…A game at Miami is the perfect remedy.

26) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I admit, I don’t believe what I just saw (sorry, Jack).

27) Minnesota Vikings: Yes, it’s a win but any team that needs OT to beat Jacksonville doesn’t impress me.

28) Seattle Seahawks: Really needed to win at Arizona because now you’re staring 0-3 in the face with two home games gone…so Okung isn’t healthy enough to practice but he’s ready for D. Ware?

29) Jacksonville Jaguars: How do you lose with a 50% third down conversion rate? Rush for 3.3 yards per carry, that’s how.

30) Carolina Panthers: More of a slam on Tampa Bay…usually averaging 10 yards in the rushing game would be outstanding — except when it’s 10 yards PER GAME!

31) Miami Dolphins: Only had 6 more points than turnovers.

32) Cleveland Browns: Granted it’s one opponent, but -13 in first downs and -195 in passing yards.