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Doug’s Four-Point Stance: What Corbin’s ascension means


The D-backs are 7-0 when he starts. There’s two ways to look at the D-backs this season.

1) They’re being carried by two young pitchers who won’t be able to sustain this on their way to a 70-win season.

2) If Wade Miley and Corbin can pitch like this, just wait until Brandon McCarthy and Ian Kennedy start doing their thing.

I said it in spring training and I’ll say it again. This season rests on Ian Kennedy. He is the key between playoffs and a distant 3rd place.


Fieldin Culbreth was suspended two games for not knowing a baseball rule a high school umpire should know. I’m thrilled with the announcement. It’s nothing against Culbreth, but baseball has failed in umpire discipline for far too long. Sure, sometimes umps are fined or suspended behind the scenes, but that’s rare. Even rarer is for us as fans to find out about it. Glad to see MLB is holding the umps accountable while being transparent.


I coached my daughter’s soccer game Thursday night. Parents on each sideline started yelling at each other. YOU’RE NOT PLAYING. When will parents learn to care about the performance of their own team and show respect to others? It was only five people total but it ruins the night.


Welcome home. Shows great humility from both sides. The Cardinals should have paid him and Dansby should have stayed. They both screwed up that deal. By Dansby returning, it shows both understand that…to a certain extent.