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Phoenix Suns: Just say ‘no’ to Kelvin Sampson

Please don’t do it.

Please step up now and alleviate all concerns.

Please don’t hire Kelvin Sampson as the head coach of the Phoenix Suns. He has an excellent basketball mind. He’s an excellent basketball teacher. In all honesty, he’s actually a good basketball coach.

Sometimes, it’s about more than just basketball. On two different occasions as a head coach, he openly disobeyed the rules. Judge all you want whether the stupid rules of the NCAA should apply, but Sampson knew the rule at least once because he had already broken it and then broke it again. There is a clear-cut aversion to authority. With these actions on his character, he shows a pattern that rules don’t apply to him. Sampson represents those who take the quick way out and hope it doesn’t come back to bite them. The Suns are so bad that there won’t be anything close to a quick fix. Anyone who tries short-cuts with this franchise will only set us back.

I know there are no choir boys. I accept almost everyone cheats at the college level, but I don’t have to accept them as NBA coaches.

Brian Shaw has played and coached in the league. He’s the only person in the world that kept Kobe and Shaq happy together. He’s coached under an old veteran with Tex Winter and Phil Jackson as well as the new age Frank Vogel. Shaw is the clear choice as Suns’ head coach. I’m pretty sure he won’t be and I hate that.