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Doug’s Four-point Stance: It’s time to bust the Umpires Association


You do not lose baseball games based on umpires. The D-backs lost to the Rockies because they were down 4-0 in the seventh inning. They lost because Ian Kennedy isn’t pitching to his level yet. They lost because of an unearned run and Colorado going 5-for-11 with runners in scoring position.

Now that we’re clear, what is going on with umpires? How does Johnson look at his employer and justify the strikes he called on two outside pitches to end two different at-bats with the bases loaded in the seventh? Angel Hernandez (one of the worst umps in history) ruled a check swing for Miggy that was so horrendous he should be fined. Dana DeMuth wasn’t going to be short-changed as he put the unearned run on first base when Paul Goldschmidt tagged out Nolan Arenado at first on Didi Gregorius’ throwing error.

This is no longer a replay issue. This is a union issue. If the Major League Umpires Association wants to defend the employment of so many bad umpires, it’s time to bust the union.


Because of Justin Upton’s hot start, everyone wanted to talk about the Braves. In case you haven’t noticed, the Pirates are just as good and Cleveland is only 1/2 game worse.


Only leagues without integrity need them.


I can see the new marketing campaign…”Please recycle, Jodi does”