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Gee for President

E. Gordon Gee was ranked as the best president among American colleges.

Now we know what is wrong with the American educational system. If this is the role model that all other universities look up to, no wonder college has become overrated and run by elitists.

Every day that Ohio State employs Gee is a black mark on the university, the State of Ohio and college athletics. Gee has every right to his opinion. He has every right to remain the president. Ohio State has every right to choose Gee to represent them. Just as I have every right to be embarrassed and offended as a Catholic, Ohioan and a fan of college athletics.

Gee has no problem taking shots at Notre Dame for not joining the Big Ten, the University of Louisville for being inferior in his eyes and the SEC for being in the South.

I’m glad Gee is here to point out the greatness of the Big Ten. Without the Big Ten we wouldn’t have universities that protect pedophiles and bigots.