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Doug Franz’s weekend wishes: Coyotes, Suns, Diamondbacks and soccer

Here are my weekend wishes:


The 2014 Phoenix Coyotes do not deserve to make the playoffs. Teams that go on six-game April losing streaks playing mostly listless hockey should stay home. Since spring officially began, the Coyotes have one regulation win.

However, after all the crap Jerry Moyes put the Coyotes’ fans and Shane Doan through, they deserve a break. If the Dallas Stars lose to the Blues Friday night, the Coyotes are back in control of their own destiny.


I’m dreaming. The Suns are at San Antonio and at Dallas this weekend. There are plenty of scenarios for the Suns to make the playoffs if they go anywhere between 0-4 and 4-0, but if Suns go 3-1 in their last four games, they’re in the playoffs. I don’t think they can go 3-1. I hope I’m wrong.


If you want to act like this is a small series, go ahead. The Diamondbacks could win the series and still only be 6-9. The Diamondbacks can’t let them pull away while they are without Clayton Kershaw. The Diamondbacks could be 1-4 or 0-5 against a depleted Dodgers team if this series gets ugly. How does that give you as a fan confidence Arizona can keep up with L.A. when you’re healthy?

If Arizona was a high-payroll, big market team, I would be pleading patience. If the Dodgers were less talented on paper than the Diamondbacks, I wouldn’t even be annoyed at Arizona’s start to the season. Over the course of 162 games, things normally favor talent. Due to this, the only way Arizona can win the division is to beat up L.A. when they’re down. So far, L.A. hasn’t played that great and they’re still vastly better than Arizona. Competing later depends on winning now.


Always a stretch to choose one golfer versus the field. If I can’t have Phil, I pull for Bubba. He really seems like a guy you would stumble on at the Muni and have a beer with during your round. He seems to have the class that he wouldn’t hit on the beer cart girl but has a strong enough personality that you can have a great time together.


I’m my daughter’s soccer coach. We’ve lost every game this year after winning every game the year before. We dribble too much. I want more passing. We also shoot as often as Mike Ribeiro.

What are my chances that I get any of these wishes this weekend? Very low. My guess is I go 1-for-5.