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Adam is the Silver lining after Stern

Adam Silver is going as far as he possibly can. He gave Donald Sterling the max.

No matter what is said or written, make no mistake that Donald Sterling is the bad guy. I still have questions that were left unanswered after the press conference.

Adam Silver said there was no evidence brought forth in the past that showed Sterling had feelings of superiority over other races. He’s right, but why didn’t someone ask how Sterling felt? Sterling is accused of racist comments in a court. There is no evidence that he actually said those things. Sterling should not have lost the Clippers based on alleged comments made that came to light in a court case that was settled out of court. However, after hearing the tape, it’s clear that Sterling does have those feelings that would coincide with the words he’s been accused of saying.

Am I being led to believe that Sterling never said anything racist at any moment during an NBA owners’ meeting? David Stern was the former commissioner of the NBA. Once the lawsuit was filed against Sterling for the alleged comments in 2006, did Stern not see this as an end result at some point? I’m not saying Stern should have anticipated that a girlfriend would record a conversation and expose Sterling; I am saying Stern shouldn’t have needed a girlfriend to record this. How was Stern not smart enough to ever talk to Sterling and hear similar comments himself?

Either David Stern ignored Sterling’s racist comments made in private or he never wanted to hear them.