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What Phoenix teams need in 140 characters or less

I admit it. I’m jealous.

I’m tired of watching the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Kings. It’s bad enough the Phoenix (soon to be Arizona) Coyotes and Phoenix Suns aren’t in each championship series but the fact it’s San Antonio and LA is grotesque. The next thing you know, San Francisco will win two World Series in three years time.

It’s time for a Twitter championship. You get 140 characters to explain what each team needs to win a championship. Remember, these aren’t predictions for what will happen but things that need to happen.

SUNS: The hardest part: the star. The Suns have athleticism & assets. We need 2B patient. Suns need to know many of you have been since Barkley

CARDINALS: San Fran has 2 slip & Seattle get complacent. Bucannon has 2 learn quick. Nail the 2015 draft. Make playoffs this year. Super Bowl in SF

COYOTES: Dump Ribeiro. Mike Smith must raise his consistency. Sell out on defense like years ago. One real life goal-scorer wouldn’t hurt

D-BACKS: Health. A 3B’s bat that doesn’t disappear every April. Bradley not getting hurt/traded. A set line-up. 3 players that bat .300

ASU: Massive run-stuffer on the D-line. A play-making LB. A national attention getting year from DJ Foster

Your turn. Tweet me @doug987fm with your team needs.