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Arizona won

I’ve only been to three Super Bowl “weeks,” so I’m not a very good judge. If you don’t mind an unqualified opinion, we nailed it.

Pro Bowl

My week started at University of Phoenix Stadium. Arizona Cardinal fans and locals dominated the environment. I’m sure the players wished they were in Honolulu, but the NFL had to be thrilled with you, the fans. You were there. You were loud. You dropped the hammer on the players when they didn’t play football. You cheered when they made a play worthy of an all-star game.

As a community, our Pro Bowl performance alone should decrease the time between our next Super Bowl in Arizona.

Phoenix Open

Having The Open made it appear that something big is always going on in Phoenix.


OK. We all know it stunk. Since when do we ever get two days of rain? However, after the fog lifted, Sunday was outstanding.


Huge mistake to include Glendale the last time Arizona hosted a Super Bowl. Downtown Phoenix was packed and active. The game can be played elsewhere, but the week of activities needs to be centralized.


Thanks to all. First responders were perfect.

I dealt with about 250 of the red coat security people. Two of them were jerks that wanted to argue as soon as you looked at the wrong door instead of trying to be helpful. Ninety-nine percent friendly people is a pretty good number.

Media Day

Only real downer. Not enough room at US Airways Center. Should have been done at Chase Field. I’m sure they had a reason not to be at Chase Field, but I’m not concerned what their reason is. You’re the NFL. If you’re top dog and this is your biggest event, you can’t choke.


When your e-mail says the contact person “may” pick up your groups’ credentials, that’s different than “must.”

Super Bowl

A tie game at halftime.

A three-point game inside of eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter.

An amazing comeback by the Patriots.

A goal-line stand at the one.

Although Arizona can’t take credit for the actual outcome, two Super Bowls have been played at University of Phoenix Stadium and both were legendary.

Roger Goodell

“We’re thrilled about being here and we look forward to coming back.”