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With Kolb it’s all about control

We all want control in our lives. What person do you know that proclaims his or her undying gratitude for their life spinning out of control? Control can be pathological for some and complicated for others but never rejected by mainstream America. Control, not greed, is good.

Kevin Kolb seems to be trying to manipulate the system, the system that currently doesn’t exist in the NFL but will one day in the not so distant future.

Kolb is a quarterback with great promise. He is highly thought of by many NFL pro-personnel scouts, coaches, players and general managers. He has received high marks from men I have grown to trust. Their opinions and thoughts have been proven reliable over years of conversation.

According to most, Kevin Kolb is ready to light up the league like a Taser in a trailer-park.

According to league sources, Kolb’s agents are holding the Taser: they’re seeking a multi-year deal from any team that acquires him with a price tag that scares many NFL decision-makers. Kolb wants his money.

It scares NFL executives because Kolb has only started 7-games in 4-years. He is a relative unknown, a guy that needs to prove himself before he gets the tag of “franchise quarterback.”

The new CBA currently being negotiated/litigated will include a rookie wage scale that no longer discourages NFL teams from drafting a quarterback in the top 10. Teams will be able to draft a quarterback and develop him without forcing him into action because he’s getting paid huge money and needs to play.

In addition, the franchise will no longer be hamstrung for the next 5 or 6-years if said quarterback sucks buttermilk. The NFL and the “Trade Association” appear to be congruent in their thinking: the players that have shown they can play in the league should get the money, not kids coming out of college that have not played a single down of NFL football.