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College football freedom

The NCAA Football Rules Committee on Wednesday tabled the controversial :10 rule proposal that would have slowed college offenses. The committee’s decision means the oversight panel will not vote on the proposal.

This is a statement. The NCAA Football Rules Committee did not even let it come to a vote on the panel. They didn’t even vote on it!

College Football coaches sounded off and the NCAA actually agreed…which really isn’t that big of a surprise, considering its weakened state. They are a pawn to the King Conferences of college football. As powerful as Nick Saban and Bret Bielema may be, the hue and cry of so many college coaches that have adopted up tempo offenses was profound.

I’m glad they tabled this rule because unless you can show me empirical evidence that speed of play hurts players, I don’t want to see anymore restrictions put on the creativity of this game.

And this grinds against my own personal enjoyment of the Bloodsport.

I despise the type of offense that says not only are we going to predicate our offense on deception, but now we’re going to limit your strategy, your options on defense by running a hurry up offense. It turns a game of chess into a game of checkers and I projectile vomit on that system and what it does to the complexity of the game.

But just because I like my pigskin done a certain way doesn’t mean people should be forced to eat with me: To each his own. And the committee’s decision to table the rule until they have more data was not only wise but liberating.

Less regulation, more football: Freedom!