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Gambo: From Florence to Venezia

OK, I missed an update Sunday. My computer died and I didn’t have an adapter for my plug in Florence. Electricity is different here in Italy so none of your American stuff (hairdryers, computers, phone plugs etc..) work without European adapters.

First on Sunday, my final day in Florence. We did a full day private tour of Florence which is too much. I was shot by the time we got to the Ufizzi gallery at 5pm so seeing the one painting by Michael Angelo there and the few by Leonardo DaVinci didn’t excite me too much. I was shot from 8 hours of walking around. I was amazed by the statue of David by Michelangelo, it is the most important statue in the world and it really is amazing. I found out a lot about Michelangelo, he lived to 89, but damn if he didn’t do everything. Everywhere you walk it was Michelangelo designed this and that and painted this and sculptured that. That guy was busy. I was also amazed at the Ponte Vecchio Bridge — I learned that Mussolini put windows in the bridge so Hitler could enjoy the view of the river when they visited each other during World War II. After Italy switched allegiances, Hitler destroyed all of the bridges in Florence except the Ponte Vecchio because he liked it so much. The bridge from afar looks like it has a lot of apartments on it but in reality it is all little gold shops and only gold shops on the bridge itself. Truly amazing.

I did have a most unusual dinner last night. We went to a recommended restaurant, sat down and before I could even ask for a menu had plates of chicken liver, melon, ham and risotto. When we were finished with that (except for the chicken liver) they brought us out penne, ravioli, gnocchi and soup — again I didn’t order any of it. And after that they brought us steak and then dessert. I never saw a menu, they just kept bringing food and more food and more food.

Lots of history in Florence, it’s a beautiful but small town.

Just minutes ago we arrived via train to Venezia and I have to say I believe I am going to enjoy it here the most. There are no cars. We took a water taxi from the train station to our hotel — the Hotel Rialto. We have two rooms overlooking the river so the kids are all just staring out the windows at the gandalas, boats and boys. Our location is phenomenal, but the rooms are very small and the beds are smaller than the typical American single bed. But I can’t imagine spending much time here in the rooms. There is so much to see, so much to enjoy.

My trip is almost over so I am somewhat sad as this is my last stop. This has been my dream vacation for a long time.

Miss you guys in Phoenix, I am looking forward to being back on the air next Monday. Ciao