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Gambo: Hatred for Spurs is still there

There they were in the press conference after getting swept by the Phoenix Suns, raining down praise on the team from the desert, talking about how classy they are and how happy they are for them.

Gregg Popovich, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan all saying nice things about the Suns, talking about how much respect they have for them and wishing them well.

Well in the words of Tanner from the Bad News Bears when the Yankees started to talk about how good they played– “Hey San Antonio, You can take your praise and your four championship rings and shove ‘em straight up your ass!”

It may be the politically correct thing to do after getting your rear ends handed to you in an embarrassing sweep to say nice things about your opponent, but I for one want nothing to do with the Spurs, their fans and especially their admiration for the Suns.

Memo to Duncan, Ginobili and Popovich – save your breath. We don’t want nor do we need to hear you talk nice now about the Suns. Go home, go fishing, go back to your desperate housewife, go get your nose job or just go #$$Q% yourself. We hated you before, we hate you now and we will hate you tomorrow.

To hear the Spurs talk about how “classy” the Suns are after years of Bruce Bowen’s dirty fouls on Steve Nash, Robert Horry’s dirty hip check, Popovich’s mind games and Duncan whining after every call, just made me sick. Save your praise for someone who cares. Suns fans are celebrating this sweep today and will be tomorrow but they will never ever forget the Spurs, never speak nicely of them and certainly don’t want to hear them speak nicely of the Suns.

Every great rivalry is based on hate. And the Suns and their fans hate the Spurs. Sweeping them doesn’t make the hatred any less, in fact those four straight losses in the playoffs at San Antonio’s hands just make this result that much sweeter. So we don’t want to hear how happy you are for Nash and the Suns. I’m sure the Suns weren’t happy for you all the times you beat them. Go lick your wounds, cry to your mom and enjoy watching the Suns in the Conference Finals. You still suck San Antonio.