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Bickley Blast: Tired of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball

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Are you tired of drugs and baseball?

I am. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of Ryan Braun. I’m sick of Alex Rodriguez. And we’re only getting started with these clowns.

One guy is going to stage his apology this week. But Kirk Gibson isn’t buying it. He ripped Braun to shreds Sunday morning in Pittsburgh.

It was great stuff, and I like when Gibby gets testy. He’s got a reputation as being a bad-ass, and he should do this more often, especially with twits like Braun.

But one national writer would like to know where the moral indignation is toward Matt Williams, who once received shipments of HGH and other goodies, and is currently on Gibson’s staff?

It’s a really good question.

Then there’s A-Rod.

When he got plunked by Ryan Dempster last night in Fenway, you could almost hear the nation cheer. Then, incredibly, A-Rod fights back. He hits a monstrous home run, suddenly galvanizing Yankee fans and putting last nights game on the short list of great Boston-New York confrontations.

Oh, yeah. And that all happened on the same day A-Rod acknowledged he was filing a grievance against his team.

So let’s get this straight: One guy is going to apologize. The other guy is going down fighting. And that’s what’s so appalling about A-Rod: By the time his contract expires in 2017, he’ll have made nearly a half-billion dollars from Major League Baseball, that gives plenty of money to hire the best lawyers to fight the very game he cheated.

The above was transcribed from the Bickley Blast, heard every Monday through Friday at 12:00 noon on Arizona Sports 620.