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No matter what the Cardinals shouldn’t be in the Luck Sweepstakes

The Arizona Cardinals, with a current record of 1-6,
unfortunately have to be mentioned as a team that could
possibly end up with the No. 1 overall pick come draft
time in

With the first pick comes expectations and millions of
people having their idea on who that pick should be.

This year it seems everyone is saying regardless of who
has the pick, that team should take Stanford quarterback
Andrew Luck.

I disagree.

IF the Arizona Cardinals end up with the No. 1 pick next
April they should not take Luck with the pick if
they are going to keep Kevin Kolb on the roster.

The team invested way too much money in Kolb this past
summer to give up on him after one year.

Yes, if you draft Luck you have given up on Kolb.

A team can’t (or shouldn’t) trade for a “franchise” QB and
give him $21 million guaranteed — $63.5 overall — trade
a good cornerback (DRC) and a second-round pick and put
him on the bench after one year. It’s bad business and bad

You gave up — and gave him — a whole lot and it’s the
guy you are stuck with for the foreseeable future.

Another reason not to draft Luck is because your roster is
full of holes wider than the Grand Canyon.

I don’t think the QB position is one of their biggest
needs. I would much rather see a left tackle that could
protect and help Kolb’s mental state when he drops back or
a guy coming off the edge with the speed of a safety and
the reach of a power forward.

Left tackles are important and have huge value in this
league as teams continue to pass more and more. The
Cardinals don’t have a left tackle on their roster. They
have guys who line up and get beat down after down.

watching seven games I think this team can succeed with
Kolb at QB (I don’t see another nine completely changing
my mind, not with all the other holes).

I only think Kolb will continue to get better (injury may
prevent that for a few weeks). Give him this entire
season, plus a full off-season and a full season with that
off-season to build off of.

With what the Cardinals did to make it happen this past
August plus their other holes, it makes the most sense.

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