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Paterno firing was right thing, now let’s get back to real issue

Effective immediately Joe Paterno is out as football
coach at Penn St.

This is not about football.

This is not about anything being good. If anything, it’s
bad. Terribly bad.

This is not a celebration.

This is sad.

This is the Penn St. Board of Trustees doing the right
thing. I am expecting and hoping more
dismissals will follow.

Did others do wrong along the way and should they be held
for their lack of actions? Absolutely.

This is about young boys being sexually victimized by an
adult. An adult that was in a powerful position.

Jerry Sandusky. A name I think some are looking past in
getting all caught up in the Joe Paterno fracas.

Now that Paterno is officially out of his position I hope
the story and attention turns to where it belongs.

Sandusky’s disgusting criminal acts are what started and
have led to this.

Do these victims care if Paterno is on the sidelines
Saturday? What do they think as they see students parading
around Happy Valley based on these announcements? The last
thing I want to do is try to put myself in their shoes.

The focus needs to be on stopping anyone who was — and is
— involved in these crimes. Help these victims. Raise
awareness. Make it known this behavior is unacceptable and
the guilty will be held accountable to the highest extent
of the law.

Joe Paterno is out of his leadership role. It was the
right thing to do. As far this story is concerned, let’s
move past this quickly.

Let’s get back to the real issue at hand.

TY’s Outtakes

What I learned this week…

I now know what it’s like to be in the same room as a 20
foot, 200 pound python. I guess the learning was
that not all pythons are ready to bite your head off on a
moments notice. I still didn’t get within 15 feet as
others were all over it.

Tweet of the week…

Paulie Breaking News: “AP source:
Penn State football coach Joe Paterno has decided to
retire at end of the season.”

With all that was going on I really didn’t expect Paterno
to have any timetable about himself stepping away from the
program. I really thought he was going to have to be
forced out the entire time no matter what. We now know he
tried to hold on for the next two months but that wasn’t

Suggestion of the week…

I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

This is hilarious.