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Green: Blame yourself, not the NFL

When assessing the NFL’s labor seemingly ever-changing and increasingly annoying situation, a popular thing to do has been to pick a side and immediately rail on the opposition. After all, someone has to be held responsible. Hell, it’s billionaires vs. millionaires fighting over dollar figures most Americans can only dream about, so this type of bickering is just unacceptable. Right?

Well, I’m not going to sit here and blame the players, and I’m not yet ready to look at the owners as the ones who caused this mess.

One of the things you’re likely hearing a lot is how the fans pay the players’ salaries while making owners rich. While that’s true, that logic fails in front of one of the other popular phrases: in the end the fans are the ones who get screwed.

Well yes, we appear to get a raw deal. Football fans enjoy watching the NFL (imagine that), and the longer we are without it the worse things will be. Every football-related event that passes us by (free agency, OTA’s, draft pick holdouts, minicamp, etc.) will be like another twist of the knife in our back, as we’ve become accustom to keeping track of every single happening in the NFL. Do you even remember a time before the NFL Network? To that I say bravo, NFL, you’ve made us need you.