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Off the Ice: A midseason look at the Phoenix Coyotes

The Phoenix Coyotes are just over halfway through the NHL season and it’s been marked by plenty of ups and downs.

The team struggled at first, to the point where some overanxious fans were calling for trades, but picked it up as of late. They have been as high as fourth in the Western Conference and as low as 11th. Overall, all I can really say so far about the season is “good, not great.”

Unfortunately, the Coyotes struggled in what should have been the easy part of the season. For the first 24 games, the Coyotes only played 10 away. However, they didn’t come out with a stellar record: 11-10-3. Again, good, not great.

But the second half gets trickier. The Coyotes will play only 10 games at home and 14 on the road, including a season-long four-game trip and three three-game trips. Oof.

Because folks love to mock sports writers when we’re wrong (and because I’m man enough to say I made bad predictions), let’s take a look back at my preseason predictions and see how I did. I’ll also make some new ones.