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For Lindsey Hunter, the ‘interim’ is gone

It’s pretty obvious to me that Lindsey Hunter is the present and future head coach of the Phoenix Suns.

Goran Dragic was held out of the Utah game Wednesday because he’s run many more miles this year than any other Sun according to Lon Babby. There are eight NBA point guards who have played in more games than Dragic, yet plan on starting their team’s next game. If he’s so tired from running all those miles, then he should learn to be as efficient as the other eight point guards who have played more games and don’t need the rest.

Ten NBA point guards have averaged more minutes per game than Goran Dragic. It is clear then, using the “miles per game” logic, that Dragic must hustle much more than the 10 point guards since he’s tired from all the mileage yet the others play more minutes.

I have a different theory. The Suns play in a league with no morals. Ever wonder why the NFL and Major League Baseball have no draft lottery? It’s because every team, player and coach is judged by wins and losses. Since the men in those sports have their pride on the line, they would never put themselves in a position to lose — or, at the very least, put themselves in a handicapped situation to win. In the NBA, honor is something to be mocked so teams lose on purpose. Therefore, the league needs a way to make sure losing on purpose doesn’t guarantee you massive benefits, thus the lottery.

Either the Suns have joined other teams in fixing games to ensure a better draft position or Goran Dragic is not a player that can be counted on during the stretch run to a playoff due to fatigue. It’s important for us to know that Dragic will need his rest around game 70 of every year so we can plan ahead in future years.

If Dragic is indeed healthy, the Suns tried not to win the game against Utah. Handcuffing your coach and then evaluating him at the end of the season is totally unfair. Every coach in America would be screaming off-the-record or letting slip on-the-record that he’s being judged despite not playing with a full deck.

The only way you send Hunter out on the court without all of his soldiers, is if you’re planning to send him out again next year.