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Three random conversations

I quickly talked with three men at new Suns general manager Ryan McDonough’s introductory press conference Thursday.

They were casual conversations with three people. I’m going to leave two people’s names out of this. None of the quotes are direct, only my memory of the conversation.

Jay Biles (ESPN analyst): I’ve known him for years and he was someone you talked to in his early days in the business and knew he’d be a GM.

(When I asked for a weakness): There really isn’t one. I mean he’s young but he’s done it with the Celtics. His youth could be a weakness but I actually think it’s a strength.

Suns employee on business side: It’s already different here. Lance just didn’t seem like he wanted to be a part of the family. He didn’t work against us but he certainly didn’t work with us. He just wasn’t around.

Former Suns player (when I asked him what he knows of McDonough): Nothing personally, but I’ll tell you what, out of everyone I’ve talked to, no one has anything negative to say. That’s hard to do in this business.

The building felt completely different to me today. Winning the press conference doesn’t matter at all…but the Suns did accomplish that.