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Suns’ McDonough to have options with two first round picks

Gambo and I didn’t win the Powerball. The Suns didn’t win the lottery.

Life goes on.

In the end, the result is something you can certainly live with. Gambo and I couldn’t retire, but we still have a pretty cool gig. And the Suns have the fifth pick in the draft. While it’s always preferable to improve your lot in life, Ryan McDonough will have plenty of decent options to sift through:

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated says Anthony Bennett.

Chad Ford (ESPN Insider piece) says Victor Oladipo. is going with Otto Porter.

It would be wrong to assume there are no impact players in this year’s draft. Just ask Golden State. A combined 22 players went off the board before they selected Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes. They’re out there and now it’s up to McDonough to take his reputation for a test spin and find them. Maybe it’s one of those players. Maybe it’s Trey Burke, Alex Len, C.J. McCollum or Shabazz Muhammad.

I liked Dave King’s take on Bright Side of the Sun that the 30th pick in the draft holds the key for McDonough. His history suggests he should find a very usable piece down there.

On an unrelated note, if you’re a conspiracy theorist (I’m looking right at you, Doug Franz), it’s pretty easy to decipher why the top pick landed in Cleveland. Clearly David Stern knows LeBron is going back to the Cavs in a year, so he’s doing his best to make sure LBJ has a talent crew around him.