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John Skelton vs. Tim Tebow: By the numbers

All they do is win.

While Tim Tebow gets the national attention, Arizona’s
John Skelton has also done a good job winning games while
not looking impressive in the process.

The second-year pro’s knack for fourth quarter heroics
even got teammate Larry Fitzgerald to compare him to Denver’s QB, saying
“Everybody talks about Tim Tebow and his record as a
starter, you look at John’s record and it’s pretty good

So, naturally, we decided to put the idea that Skelton =
Tebow to the test, by comparing their numbers. Then again,
for these two QBs, maybe its best we throw the numbers out
entirely. Ahh well, why waste perfectly good research?

Player J. Skelton T. Tebow Advantage
Record As a Starter 4-1* 7-2 Tebow
QB Rating 69.8 83.6 Tebow
Internet memes 0 1 Tebow
Completion Percentage 55.5 48.6 Skelton
Yards 1,345 1,484 Tebow
Google Search Results 1,480,000 218,000,000 Tebow
Yards Per Attempt 7.0 7.3 Tebow
Touchdowns (running+passing) 8 16 Tebow
Turnovers (interceptions+fumbles) 11 6 Tebow
Percent. of team’s fans that hate him# 25 51 Skelton
4th Quarter comebacks 5 5 Tie
4th Quarter QB rating 93.5 106.3 Tebow
Points allowed 18.17 22.56 Skelton%
Saturday Night Live skits about 0 1 Tebow$

*Skelton does not get credit for the win against San
Francisco two weeks ago because Kevin Kolb started the
game. He exited after three plays, with Skelton playing
the rest of the way.

#These numbers are not verified in any way, shape or form.
In fact, they may be boldfaced lies. Just guessing, here.

%As inspirational as Tebow is, this stat clearly shows
Skelton gets more out of his teammates. Clearly.

$Do you subscribe to the theory that any publicity is good
publicity? If so, this is clearly a win for Tebow. Plus,
the skit was pretty funny.

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