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Paulie Blog: We now know what the C in BCS stands for

For years, we’ve known about the enormous economic impact that the Fiesta Bowl brings to the state of Arizona.

Now we know about the huge economic impact that the Fiesta Bowl has brought to the bank account of CEO John Junker.

And we’re not talking about the $600,000 annual salary afforded the longtime face of the Fiesta Bowl. (My opinion? That salary is totally justified when you build a multi-million dollar brand within the college football bowl empire.)

It’s what went beyond the salary that makes for Fiesta Fallout, as detailed in the 276 page report. What? You haven’t had a chance to read in detail about the findings that retired state Supreme Court justice Ruth McGregor calls “deeply disturbing.”

Okay, we’ll do everyone a solid by listing the key vocabulary words you need to know, such as: “investigation, expenses, reimbursement, improper & inappropriate, documented, scheme, conspiracy, excessive, lavish, irregularities, criminal, & strip club.”

Yeah, that’ll result in a termination, not to mention a couple of resignations. In fact, put those vocab words into a sentence and it reads: bright yellow sports jackets sure make for one heck of a good target.

Then again, this proved to be the investigative equivalent of fish in a barrel, despite the fact that Grant Woods initially reported that he found “no credible evidence” of wrongdoing (note to self: Grant Woods might look worse than John Junker.)

No wonder Fiesta Bowl Chairman Duane Woods said in a statement that the board members “are extremely disappointed and angered by the findings.” Then, Woods goes on to say “that the actions undertaken and orchestrated by John Junker and others are shocking and completely unacceptable.”

Totally agreed. But the pertinent question now becomes – are these “shocking and unacceptable” practices actually the norm? We are talking about the business of Big Boy Bowl games, right? And, in this landscape, does this sort of behavior constitute business as usual?

And by “usual,” here’s what I mean: you can’t tell Paulie Payout that the Fiesta Bowl wasn’t playing by the same rules as other BCS Bowls, right? (Of course, these other bowls will now face their own independent investigations, right? Uh, sure.)

The NCAA would be well-served to remember that rogue waves are ultra-rare. Most waves hit the shore in sets.

Lastly, think of how many times we’ve heard college football fans say they know exactly what the B-S stands for in BCS.

Well, guess what? We now know what the “C” stands for – Corrupt.