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Whisenhunt knows Cardinals must improve tackling

The biggest story to come out of Sunday’s preseason opener for the Arizona Cardinals was Kevin Kolb’s performance prior to injury.

After that?

Tackling or, rather, a lack of it.

The Saints marched down the field on their opening possession against a Cardinals defense that seemed helpless to stop them, aided much of the way by missed tackles.

Asked about it Wednesday, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said it must improve.

“I think what you really have to do is work on technique,” he said. “It’s hard without doing it, and we’ve got to get better as these games progress.”

Tackling is one of the toughest things to shake the rust off of during camp because there is so little of it during practices. And if you can’t practice tackling it will be difficult to improve at it.

“That’s one of the things that you have to work yourself back into,” Whisenhunt said, “because you can’t do it every day in practice.”

That leads to mistakes, Whisenhunt said, and issues like the ones Sunday in Canton lead to a sense of urgency.

He said that should lead to more work on bringing people down, and hopefully that will translate into games.

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