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Former NFL receiver disappointed in Arizona Cardinals Kevin Kolb

There will be plenty of disappointed people if Kevin Kolb does not win the Arizona Cardinals starting QB job.

From the team that traded for him, the players who supported the move and the fans who believed in him, all will feel a sense of being letdown should John Skelton emerge as the team’s starting quarterback.

You can add former ESPN analyst/friend of Larry Fitzgerald’s Cris Carter to the list.

“We shouldn’t be going through this debate a year later,” Carter said on ESPN’s SportsCenter Tuesday. “But if John Skelton has outperformed him, he should play in the football game.

“I believe that whoever plays quarterback for Arizona — because of Larry Fitzgerald — he makes that quarterback look awful good. But I’m very disappointed in Kevin Kolb.”

It’s one thing to disappoint coaches, fans and teammates, but this will likely be the thing that really gets to Kolb.

In truth, Carter is saying what many are thinking. That Kolb, who was expected to be the team’s long-term answer at QB could be such a bust so soon is something no one wanted to contemplate, but if ESPN’s Adam Schefter is correct, it’s a reality we’ll have to deal with.

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