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Whisenhunt wants a QB that can stay awhile

Fans and the media weren’t the only ones to notice the Arizona Cardinals were completely lacking a realistic option at quarterback last season. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt took note of it as well.

In an interview with the USA Today Whisenhunt admitted that he found out a lot last year after starting a quartet of quarterbacks named Anderson, Hall, Skelton and Bartel. Not to mention the brief preseason flirtation with the player formerly known as the “quarterback of the future”, Matt Leinart.

“I learned from last year, it’s good to get a quarterback that you know you can have who can play for a while,” Whisenhunt said. “We weren’t strong enough as a team to compensate for not having the level of play at quarterback we’d had before … Hopefully, we’ll get it fixed.”

It’s good to hear the coach admit that he and his team made a huge mistake last offseason assuming that a retread from the Cleveland Browns and two rookies could duplicate the kind of production that Kurt Warner provided the franchise.

If he’ll find his man this offseason is still yet to be determined, but it’s safe to say the team will be looking for a quarterback with experience, accuracy and the ability to stick around for awhile. That last part seems to take grizzled veterans like Marc Bulger and Matt Hasselbeck off the list, that is unless they can borrow Phoenix Suns trainer Aaron Nelson for a while. He seems to have a knack for making players in their late-30s look like they’re in their 20s.