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Insider once again says Kolb will be a Cardinal

The NFL lockout has yet to be lifted and pretty much nothing has officially happened in the league since last month’s draft. That doesn’t mean insiders aren’t out there breaking ‘news’.

On the Monday morning edition of SportsCenter, ESPN NFL analyst Adam Schefter made it clear once again that Kevin Kolb is his pick to be the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals in 2011.

“All signs point to the Arizona Cardinals. It still remains the likeliest destination.”

It’s not much different than what Schefter said on ESPN’s NFL Live just a mere 13 days ago.

“Kevin Kolb is going to get dealt from Philadelphia, most likely going to be to the NFC West, and right now all signs point to Arizona,”

How could the signs have changed in the last two weeks? Thanks to the labor dispute teams can’t discuss trades or players with other clubs right now.

We’ve hit the point where analysts and experts don’t have anything new so they’re resorting to repeating themselves to fill the air time. We can’t really blame them though. What else are they suppose to do while millionaires and billionaires fight over $9.7 billion? They have a job to do whether or not the NFL and the players want to do theirs.