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Peter King is on the Kolb to Cards bandwagon

The Arizona Cardinals quarterback rumors are becoming a lot like a high school girl’s emotions. Erratic, contradicting and frustrating.

On Monday Sports Illustrated’s Peter King added more fuel to the fire by suggesting that Kevin Kolb is on his way to the desert.

I think it’s looking more and more like Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals whenever football returns, as SI’s Jim Trotter set the table for last week in the magazine. Certainly not a done deal, but no one will be surprised if it happens.

King also gave his opinion on what a reasonable price would be for the 27-year-old quarterback.

I think it’s still a mistake, especially if no No. 1 pick comes in return for Kolb. The Eagles may well get a Matt Schaub-like pair of second-round picks for Kolb, if Andy Reid chooses to pull the trigger.

To be fair, the comments did come in a section of his Monday Morning Quarterback column entitled ‘Ten Things I think I think’, but overall his assessment of where Kolb will wind up isn’t exactly convincing. We wouldn’t be surprised if plenty of things happened in this world, that doesn’t mean they’ll actually occur.

With each passing Kolb rumor the information seems to get more and more shaky. At some point in the near future we’re going to hear that he may or may not be on his way to Arizona because the Cardinals may or may not have interest in him but it will only happen if the Philadelphia Eagles like the compensation being offered and no other team offers a better deal.

Like we said, this entire thing is starting to sound a lot like something girls in high school would talk about. But even that is probably easier to follow.

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