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Notes from the Nest: Cardinals vs. Rams

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End of game

That’s going to do it for another lousy game in Glendale. The Cardinals fall to the Rams by a score of 31-17. It’s their seventh-consecutive loss and their record falls to 4-7 on the year.

:44 left in fourth quarter

Cardinals turn the ball over on downs and the Rams will kneel on the ball to run out the clock.

2:00 left in fourth quarter

The Cardinals force a punt and get good field position. A pass to Andre Roberts gives them a first-and-10 from the Rams 21.

2:42 left in fourth quarter

The Cardinals drove the field but had a pass bounce off Larry Fitzgerald’s hands — and the hands of many others — before being picked off. Rams ball. And game.

Rams’ ballgame.

5:27 left in fourth quarter

Legatron makes the field goal and it’s now 31-17. Barring a miracle this one is over, which is what many of the fans think as they head for the exits.

6:05 left in fourth quarter

The Rams have the ball at the Arizona 1 with a fourth-and-1, and while this play probably won’t decide the game, it is still technically a big one.

12:26 left in fourth quarte

Another three-and-out, another punt.

This game has gone south in a hurry.

13:30 left in fourth quarter

Cardinals force a punt and will start their drive at the 24. Over/under how many plays before a turnover?

OK, that may be a bit harsh, but this second half has been abysmal for the Arizona offense.

End of third quarter

Rams have the ball and a commanding lead.

Sorry, that’s all I’ve got.

:14 left in third quarter

Cards go three-and-out and punt away to a chorus of boos. I’d join them but I assume the “no cheering in the press box” rule also applies to negative feedback.

2:28 left in third quarter

Lindley, looking for Fitz, throws off his back foot to Janoris Jenkins. It’s taken back for a TD and now the Rams are up by a score of 28-17.

This one is getting away from Arizona.

2:39 left in third quarter

The Rams respond to Arizona’s punt with one of their own, though the visitors are winning the field position game this quarter.

The Cards will start at their own 22 needing to do something positive on offense. It’s been a while.

4:23 left in third quarter

Three-and-out for the Cardinals and Zastudil punts the ball away. Bethel with an excellent tackle for no return, but the Rams will start at their own 28. They are a drive away from really making this tough on Arizona.

5:53 left in third quarter

With the help of a holding penalty the Cardinals D stands, and Legatron misses from 35-yards to swing the momentum back to the Cardinals.

Arizona still down four, but could be worse.

8:24 left in third quarter

One moment Lindley looks great, the next he looks like a rookie.

The QB and Larry Fitzgerald read the coverage differently, with Fitz going deep and Lindley expecting a shorter route. The result is an interception with a long return, and the Rams can really make this tough on the Cardinals with another TD here.

9:58 left in third quarter

They moved as far as they could.

Brandford hits Chris Givens with a perfect throw for a 37-yard score, and just like that the Rams are on top. Justin Behtel was beaten on the play, but that was more of a great throw/catch than poor coverage.

10:17 left in third quarter

Quentin Groves helped off the field, giving us a break. In the meantime the Rams are gashing the Cardinals on the ground, which isn’t a good thing. They’re at the AZ 37 and moving.

11:11 left in third quarter

Cardinals move the chains but not far enough, bringing Zastudil in to punt.

It’s a good one, and the Rams will start from their own eight.

15:00 left in third quarter

Cards begin drive at their 20. Let’s see if they can build off the momentum from that last drive.


Cardinals agreed with me and went for points, and a good drive leads to a Feely field goal. Cards go into the half with a 17-14 lead.

And by the way, the ref Corrente explains “THIS is the end of the first half.” We all chuckled.

1:47 left in second quarter

William Powell returns the ball 25 yards to the Arizona 23, where Lindley will go to work.

Do the Cards open the offense up and look for points or will they play it safe? I’d look for points.

1:53 left in second quarter

Bradford comes out and hits Lance Kendricks for a 37-yard touchdown. He was WIDE open. Just like that we’re tied here in Glendale.

2:00 left in second quarter

Ref announces “that’s the end of the first half” though it’s just the two minute warning. Not a good day for Tony Corrente thus far.

Anyway, the Rams are at the Arizona 37 looking to put some points on the board before the end of the half. Would be a good momentum boost for AZ to come up with a stop, especially since the Cardinals are set to get the ball to begin the second half.

3:26 left in second quarter

Quentin Groves drills Sam Bradford after a pass and the QB leaves the game. Kellen Clemens is on to replace him so, uhh, yeah.

3:32 left in second quarter

Cardinals go three-and-out and Zastudil is brought on to punt. A 52-yard boot puts the ball at the St. Louis 29.

4:36 left in second quarter

The Rams drove down into the red zone and Peterson picks off a pass in the end zone. Huge play, one of the few big ones he’s made this year.

Ball is a touchback and Arizona starts at the 20. First play is one where Lindley misses an open Fitzgerald deep.

Haven’t had that happen often the last few years.

7:45 left in second quarter

Cardinals are offsides on the kickoff. Rams will start drive at their own 30, looking to respond to a…gasp…Cardinals touchdown.

7:52 left in second quarter

Congratulations are in order if you started Beanie Wells on your fantasy team today, as the RB just scored for the second time in the game.

His 12-yard jaunt caps a nice drive, highlighted by Lindley hitting Rob Housler down the seam for a nice gain.

The Cards are up 14-7 and Wells looks pretty spry. Not bad.

11:13 left in second quarter

Daryl Washington comes in unblocked and sacks Sam Bradford on third down. It’s his 9th sack of the season, which is apparently one shy of the franchise record for sacks in a season by a linebacker.

I’m not one to question coaches, so I guess it makes sense not to make sure No. 58 in red is accounted for.

The punt has the Cards starting from their own 35.

13:21 left in second quarter

Drive goes nowhere and Cards punt it away. The refs do a great job of confusing everyone with penalty calls, and whatever the reason, St. Louis will take over at the 20. OK then.

Check that, ref announces the ball will be placed at the 21. Yeah, that’s how it’s gonna be.

Still 14:52 left in second quarter

Cards will begin their next drive at the 20. Let’s see how the rookie responds from his first career interception.

As I type that he throws a bit behind Robert Housler down the middle. Catchable ball, but not where it is supposed to be.

14:52 left in second quarter

Lindley, looking for Stephens-Howling in the flat, is picked off by Janoris Jenkins. He returns the ball 36 yards for a score, and we’re all tied up here in Glendale.

Rookie on rookie crime right there.

End of first quarter

Well that does it for the first quarter, with the Cards up 7-0. Offensively they were about as good as you could hope, and the defense came up with a pair of stops.

Not a bad start for a team that desperately needed a good one.

:24 left in first quarter

Rams move a bit but are forced to punt, and Patrick Peterson nearly breaks the return for a TD. Instead it just gets the Cards to their 31, where Lindley and the offense will go to work.

Still 2:41 left in first quarter

Feely’s kickoff goes out of the end zone and the Rams will start at their own 20.

Hey defense, you have an early lead: what are you planning on doing about it?

2:41 left in first quarter

The Cardinals take a 7-0 lead on a one-yard touchdown run by Beanie Wells.

Ryan Lindley put together a real nice drive, one that was both hindered and aided by dumb penalties. He looked accurate and made good decisions. Good start for Arizona.

15 play, 91-yard drive.

11:37 left in first quarter

Rams pick up a first down but the Arizona defense holds, and a punt puts the Cards at their own 9 to start.

Time for the Ryan Lindley show!

15:00 left in first quarter

Jay Feely’s kick lands in the end zone, Rams start at the 20. Make that the 25 after David Carter jumps offsides.

Cards D played well last week against Atlanta; team could use a similar effort today.


St. Louis will receive the opening kickoff as the Cards look to end their six-game losing skid and avenge a loss to the Rams earlier in the season.

As I’m sure you haven’t heard by now , the Cardinals ended last season’s losing skid against this very same Rams team in this very same building.

On a side note, the game was announced as a sellout, but there are a decent amount of empty seats in the building.

12:00 before kickoff

Finishing up some apple pie and settling into my seat in the press box. The Cardinals and Rams in a game someone has to win, right? Well, the Rams proved a couple weeks ago that’s not exactly the case.

At any rate, interested to see how Ryan Lindley does today in his first NFL start.

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