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Arizona Cardinals’ Nick Eason: ‘We’re all frustrated’

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Nick Eason has been around for a while.

A veteran of nine NFL seasons with three different teams, he is very much aware of what’s going on with the Arizona Cardinals right now, and he’s not going to lie and say all is well with the team.

“It’s tough right now,” he told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf Thursday. “Any time that you lose nine games straight, for me to sit here and say ‘oh everything’s just great’, well it’s not great, and it shouldn’t be.

“If you care anything about winning football games then you wouldn’t be OK with losing nine games or being 4-9.”

Eason said everyone, from the players to the coaches, is frustrated right now, and that while they may not express it to the media or in public, no one is happy with how things have gone this season.

That said, there is no friction in the locker room, at least in the way some believe there might be when a team is struggling like the Cardinals.

“Guys just really, at the end of the day, we just want to win games,” he said. “We’re together, we’re not separated by all means, but guys are frustrated.

“They’re frustrated because they just want to win.”

The Cardinals have just three chances left to do that this season, and with the way things have been going there’s a belief they won’t. That’s in large part because of a league-worst offense that has shown no signs of getting better.