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ESPN’s Mel Kiper says Arizona Cardinals have more issues than quarterback

The quarterback dilemma of the Arizona Cardinals has been highly reported, yet that is not the only area of concern.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper acknowledges the Cardinals need a quarterback, yet he also realizes that this team has other, less focused upon needs.

“I think the biggest, most obvious area of concern is what the Cardinals will do at quarterback,” Kiper writes. “Linked to several names, most notably Kevin Kolb, this is a roster that can do some things if they can find a decent conductor back there. The question is: at what cost? And after that, are they talented enough on the offensive line? I can see them targeting another tackle in free agency. This is an obvious destination for some help at outside linebacker as well.”

While the Cardinals needs on the offensive line may have seem obvious, it is refreshing to hear a need besides quarterback being mentioned.

With all the talk of Kevin Kolb and other potential incoming quarterbacks, it’s begun to seem like the Cardinals, who were 5-11 a year ago, are only one piece away from a championship.

The NFC West is not very good, and even that may be a bit of an understatement, so a quarterback may help the Cardinals win the division crown, yet help on the offensive line and more consistent play on defense will be the key to any additional success this team may experience.

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