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Question and Declare: ASU/Stanford – What’s the key to victory?

Today’s “Question and Declare” is all about the Pac-12 Championship game. If you think ASU will win, what is the key to victory? If you think Stanford will win, what is the key to their victory?

A lot of very intelligent responses, but no one said the name that concerns me.

Obviously, Ty Montgomery is dependent on 10 other people doing their job, but I think he’s the key.

Montgomery is, in my opinion, the best special teams returner in the country. ASU excels in so many areas of the game but not special teams. With Stanford on the road– where they are, by far, a weaker team than at home — I think ASU is the better team in most aspects of football but it’s marginal. If Montgomery is scoring special teams points or giving Stanford short fields, that marginal advantage for ASU is gone.

A successful Montgomery on special teams means Stanford wins the Pac-12 again. I’m confident ASU will win in the other phases of the game if they’re not getting railroaded on special teams.

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