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Cardinals QB Palmer apparently does not feel bad for suspended Tom Brady

For as long as Tom Brady is serving his suspension for “Deflategate,” the topic is not likely to go away.

So, wherever the Patriots go and whoever they play, the fact that the future Hall of Famer will not be suiting up is likely to be brought up to the players and coaches who will be facing the Brady-less team.

This week, in a conference call with Boston media, Cardinals QB Carson Palmer was asked for his feelings on the situation.

As noted by the Boston Herald, Palmer’s response is not all that supportive of his suspended colleague.

“I tried not to follow it just because it was everywhere for so long,” Palmer said. “I go back, and you follow what the rulebook says. You go about your business and your work. If they tell you not to do it and then you get busted and what happens, happens, then you suffer the consequences. I’m sure you guys (in New England) look at it a lot differently, but I know a lot of players around the league, just looking at it, I don’t know if you can feel too strongly one way or the other.”

This response apparently came as a bit of a shock to the reporters, who probably expected Palmer to have Brady’s back, at least in some capacity. The QB was asked if he thought Brady was guilty of what he has been accused of, and the 36-year-old who has played for the Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders as well as the Cardinals was at most non-committal.

“I don’t know, to be honest,” Palmer replied. “I felt like there was — supposedly the balls went somewhere where they weren’t supposed to go there. There was humidity, not enough humidity or altitude, whatever it was. I don’t know. I didn’t follow the story. As soon as it came on, I just turned it off because I was so sick of hearing about it. Whatever the league comes down upon, whatever ruling they make is what they make. You don’t have much of a decision after that. You can fight it for a little bit, but after a while, you’ve just got to abide by what they say.”

In terms of your classic bulletin board material, this likely ranks near the bottom of things that should really move the meter. Still, it could add just a bit more fodder to what is shaping up to be a very interesting Week 1 matchup, which was already going to be exciting due to it opening the season and being on Sunday Night Football.

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