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What I Saw — Thursday, Aug. 21

This is my last training camp blog. Please let me know what you’ve thought about what I wrote and what you wished I would have covered.


I’ll never get over training camp being in Glendale and not in Flagstaff. It was much easier to get to know the coaches and players in Flagstaff. There were multiple opportunities to talk to the players in the cafeteria or as they walked from practice to the dorms. I loved the weather and the atmosphere.

Make no mistake, however, there are zero Cardinals players or coaches that I’ve talked to that agree with anything I just said. From a team standpoint, training camp in Glendale exponentially more productive. NAU did a horrible disservice to every Flagstaff business and to this state for their haughty opinion of themselves. They played chicken with a Cardinal and lost.


We need to get to know him because he’s going to be the starting left guard for the Arizona Cardinals. Every member of the media owes you a big recantation — myself included — for the number of times we’ve said during the offseason, “…and when Cooper comes back it will be like getting a second first-round pick.”

After practice, assistant line coach David Diaz-Infante worked with Larsen. Diaz-Infante would yell “Hut” and attack Larsen with a big yellow pad. Every punch from Larsen was dissected by Diaz-Infante. Although Larsen’s punch was part of the focus, this one-on-one was all about footwork. The toughest thing for any guard is to aggressively receive the pass rush. Attack with the hands without getting top heavy all while keeping your feet moving.


Broken record. Another interception.


Did more than drills. Even laid the lumber to a few receivers. Looks like nothing ever happened.


An amazing one-handed catch that we’ve all started to take for granted.


We’re always asked to not write about sensitive information so I have to tread lightly, but I loved what I saw from the receivers yesterday. So much pre-snap motion. A lot of varying routes between Fitz, Floyd and the Browns. There’s still work to be done to make sure they are seeing what Palmer is seeing but it looked tough for any defense to take all the weapons away. All that remains is pass protection.

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