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  • Green: I trust Ken Whisenhunt and you should too

    There has been enough talk about the Cardinals and their supposed shortcomings to last, I don’t know, at least the rest of the preseason. From the loss of key personnel to the iffy QB situation, analysts and “experts” have lined up to take their shots at the team that nobody wanted to buy into even […]
  • Burns: Does Leinart have the moxie?

    Wednesday was “staples” day at Camp Cardinals. In the morning the team partook in a Ken Whisenhunt training camp staple; ditching practice and going to the movies. In the afternoon the media partook in a training camp staple; trying to figure out if Matt Leinart has the moxie to be the next quarterback of the […]
  • Paulie Pigskin Report: Washington turns heads in first action

    We already knew he could sing. Now, we know he can play. During the first week of Camp Cardinals, Darryl Washington proved he could carry a tune, both in the dining hall and with Doug & Wolf on Sports 620 KTAR. (As Adrian Wilson told us on the Big Red Rage: “he can really sing, […]
  • Green: Who is steering the S.S. Diamondbacks?

    A ship without a captain will run aground, and a team without a general manager will at best run in circles. With the trade deadline looming, the Arizona Diamondbacks don’t seem to have the one guy who is ready and capable of guiding them through the perilous waters that lie ahead in the coming days. […]
  • Burns: Iffy on the agent to front office move

    The logic seems pretty sound as I get popcorn butter all over my shirt. Follow me here: The movie “Transformers” was awful. The sequel “Transformers 2” was equally as sucky. So I feel good…..rather, I feel ultra-confident in predicting that “Transformers 3” will be just as loud, just as obnoxious and just as unwatchable as […]
  • Burns: Steinbrenner always committed to winning

    In trying to come up with the words to describe the life and times of George Steinbrenner, all roads circle back to one name. Jerry Colangelo. Why do we love Jerry? Why do we hold him in such esteem? Why are other Phoenix sports owners (past and present) always held to the “Jerry” standard? Colangelo […]
  • Burns: All-time top sports narcissists

    I’m hoping that by the time you peruse this blog someone will have broken the story about LeBron James and let all the air out of this bloated exercise in self-indulgence tonight on ESPN. Tell me where he’s playing before he gets the chance to tell me where he’s playing. Spoil the party. Ruin the […]
  • Green: Suns heading for basketball purgatory

    The Suns are about to embark on a serious rebuilding process, one that could be completed much quicker if the organization knew how to do it. But, I’m afraid, even if they did know how to go about the rebuilding of Planet Orange, there would be an unwillingness to actually do what it takes. Let’s […]
  • Burns: Amar’e & D’Antoni = Made for each other

    I want to hold it against Amar’e Stoudemire (not going to miss that apostrophe…not one bit) for taking a max deal instead of the Suns final offer. But I would be lying if I told you I’d do any different. And spare me the sanctimonious speech about taking less to win a title. You’d go […]
  • Burns: Tillman documentary coming soon

    The original title of the movie was "I'm Pat ________ Tillman." The missing word was an expletive used in a vain attempt to halt the friendly fire that was moments away from taking his life.
  • Burns: Be ready for Yankee fans to take over Chase

    It’s going to be a shock, a jolt to your system. I’m well beyond the point of hoping for the best; I’m fully anticipating the worst at Chase Field. Like an icy cold shower or a scalding hot cup of coffee that burns your tongue. Or when your alarm goes off in the middle of […]
  • Burns: Looking for stability in Arizona

    In these troubling times for local sports, who can we turn to for guidance? Stability? Leadership? Commitment? The Bidwills. Yep. I just wrote that. The Bidwills. While it probably sounds like some snarky backhanded remark, it’s not meant to be at all. I’m being very serious. Want to compare and contrast with me? The Suns: […]
  • Green: I can no longer defend Sarver

    I used to be, for lack of a better term, a Robert Sarver apologist. People would call him cheap; I’d point to a payroll that is among the league’s highest. People would say he’s a jerk, I’d tell them you don’t get to be where he is, in business, if you don’t have that side […]
  • Green: An open letter to soccer

    Dear Soccer, You are in the news a lot lately. The World Cup is going on right now, and you can’t watch ESPN or go to any sports Website without being inundated with news about your sport. Because of that, I decided to give you a chance. Hell, I’m a sports guy and this is […]
  • Burns: A court case to solve Amare

    What if the decision to give Amar’e max money played out like a courtroom drama (think “A Few Good Men” or “Presumed Innocent”). Here’s one stab at what this completely imaginary court transcript might look like……. Alvin Gentry (The Bailiff): ALL RISE! The court of public opinion is now in session, the honorable Judge Steven […]