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  • Hey Levi Brown, ‘Attaboy!’

    Levi Brown had a rough opening week. He allowed three sacks to Rams’ defensive end Robert Quinn in a 27-24 loss, and boy did he hear about it. His general manager called him out Monday morning in the press, his head coach didn’t sugarcoat Brown’s poor Week 1 play either, and I do believe every […]
  • The tale of the tape: Patrick Peterson vs. Calvin Johnson

    It’s a fight weekend in Vegas. But come on, it’s still all about football. So if you’re looking for a great one-on-one matchup, Mayweather-Canelo isn’t “The One.” For that, you need look no further than beyond your backdoor. No, not Lions versus Cardinals either. “The One” is the battle within the war. “Peterson vs. Johnson: […]
  • When ‘Gibby Ball’ fails, what’s next?

    On August 11, 2011, the Arizona Diamondbacks provided the following post on the team’s official Facebook page: “Resiliency… perseverance… determination… never say die. Call it what you want. We like to call it Gibby Ball.” Since August 17, the day the Diamondbacks began a four-game series in Cincinnati for their playoff lives, the team has […]
  • Chip Kelly’s offense: Fad or future?

    The Philadelphia Eagles are officially the talk of the NFL. Monday night, fans tuned in for the mystery of whether Chip Kelly’s meth-paced Oregon Duck college offense would fly in the NFL. And after one game, even the skeptics have to be impressed. The offense was fun, fast, and (most importantly) effective. Michael Vick looked […]
  • What lies beneath: The ugly truth about the sports we love

    As sports fans, we’re not stupid. But we sure do enjoy the cool comfort of being kept in the dark. What we don’t know “with certainty” won’t hurt us. Right? How else could baseball have had a steroid problem for 20 years and not gotten around to addressing it until Congress held the sport’s feet […]
  • 0-1, time for the Arizona Cardinals to start the season

    “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the most negative thing was the pressure on the quarterback, the sacks, and the turnovers,” said Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians the morning after the team’s 27-24 opening game loss to St. Louis. Unless coach is bundling the damage caused by Levi Brown’s ineffectiveness at left […]
  • How impressive was Manning’s 7 TD night?

    I admire Peyton Manning more than any other athlete in sports. If I had a son, I’d want #18 to be his favorite player. But instead of enjoying his seven-touchdown performance Thursday night, I found myself cringing with every perfect spiral landing safely into the awaiting and capable arms of each wide open receiver. Welcome […]
  • NFC West continues to get stronger and more competitive

    So, you’re a Cardinal fan. You want to believe that the team’s newest direction is the right direction: A new head coach with a track record as an assistant for winning; a more aggressive offensive plan; a new quarterback; and a bright young general manager who’s already made more shrewd moves in one offseason than […]
  • For the Arizona Diamondbacks, what’s left to cheer for?

    It’s September. For baseball, it should be the best time of the year. Pennant races, award chatter, fall weather rolling in, what’s not to like? Instead, like the child whose birthday is December 24, baseball struggles for attention during what should be the best time of their year. The excitement of a new football season […]
  • The 5: Bold Predictions for the 2013 NFL season

    The following is not for the faint of heart. These are truly bold NFL predictions, the kind that will make you angry, the kind that will cause you to call the cops, the kind that will return you to drinking. I’m not saying the following five predictions are going to happen. Heck, it would be […]