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Clemson QB Deshaun Watson says Cardinals’ black unis are ‘nasty’

(AP Photo/Richard Shiro, File)

Video games have given NFL Draft prospects like Deshaun Watson a virtual reality of sorts.

As the Clemson quarterback envisions how he’d fit on different pro teams, he also admits to going to Madden to help him. Watson admitted to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio that he’s tried on almost every team uniform after creating himself in the video game.

So which looks best on him, Florio asked?

“Honestly, the Arizona Cardinals uniforms — especially the black ones — are pretty, pretty nasty,” Watson said. “I like those.”

How much that has to do with Watson’ opinion of the Cardinals’ situation is only a guess.

However, Florio also spoke with Watson about whether his draft position mattered to him, or whether he just wanted to land in a favorable, winning situation. The 2016 national champion said he’d like to play under a coaching staff that fits him.

He added that he’d enjoy taking a backseat to a veteran quarterback in his rookie year.

“I see great value out of doing that, sitting behind a veteran guy, being able to learn from him, just learn how to be a professional. I only know what I know, and that’s only a little bit,” Watson told Florio. “With me going in behind a veteran guy that’s been in the league for a while and has had success, it’d be great for me to learn and see — and not have the pressure right on me right away, and see how he handles the pressure and get adapted to the team.”

Of course, with the Cardinals have such a situation with starting quarterback Carson Palmer into 2017, that would mean Arizona is a promising situation should Watson be drafted with the team’s 13th overall pick.

Watson said he’s visited six teams: Jacksonville, Cleveland, San Francisco, Arizona, Houston and Kansas City.

According to various mock drafts, there’s a strong possibility of the Cardinals selecting Watson. He has been the third most-likely candidate to land in Arizona, trailing only Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Western Michigan receiver Corey Davis.

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