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‘NBA 2K18’ releases the Phoenix Suns All-Time roster

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The bickering of who were the best NBA franchise players for each team just turned into a reality– Well a virtual reality at least.

The NBA fans and sports video gamers are buzzing on the internet with “NBA 2K18” releasing the trailer to their all-time rosters feature in the video game.

They also released the full all-time rosters, which put the internet response in a hysteria.

“NBA 2K18” released the Phoenix Suns’ all-time roster with the starting five including Steve Nash as point guard, shooting guard Paul Westphal, small forward Shawn Marion, power forward Tom Chambers and center Amare Stoudemire.

The guards on the bench are Kevin Johnson, Jason Kidd, Goran Dragic, Dennis Johnson, Jeff Hornacek and Leandro Barbosa. The forwards also coming off the bench are Dan Majerle, Cedric Ceballos, Connie Hawkins and Larry Nance.

Take a minute to see if you can see the indisputable name that did not make the roster.

Shazam! That’s correct, Charles Barkley did not make the all-time Phoenix Suns roster.

Granted Barkley, has stated he does not want to be included in the “NBA 2K” series, which is unlucky for avid sports gamers.

There was another pause when former Suns Walter Davis and Alvan Adams did not make the roster either. Adams has the most rebounds, steals, minutes played and games played in franchise history. Davis has the most points and field goals made in franchise history, as well.

A potential speculation is that 2K wanted to go with players of recent memory, including Goran Dragic and Leandro Barbosa, but if that was the case, an argument is to be made to have Devin Booker on the all-time team as well.

Booker broke the record for the most points scored in a game by a Phoenix Sun last year after netting 70 points against the Boston Celtics. He is raved as the next exciting player in the league from LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and recently Kevin Durant.

The highest rated NBA player for the Phoenix Suns all-time team is Nash with a 96 overall rating. He won two MVP awards in the league, made eight All-Star appearances and seven All-NBA teams. Nash also has the most assists and three-point field goals in franchise history. Not to mention he has the highest free throw shooting percentage for the franchise at 90.7 percent.

It can be a drag missing some key players from the Suns’ history, but it should still offer a unique experience for gamers.

Other notable players that did not make the cut for their respected teams are Reggie Miller with the Indiana Pacers, Rasheed Wallace with the Portland Trail Blazers and Detroit Pistons, Moses Malone with the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers and two Washington Wizards star players, Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler, did not make the all-time team either.

“NBA 2K18” is scheduled for release on Sept. 19.


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