Doug’s NFL Power Poll – Week 11

Nov 18, 2009, 12:50 AM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

The top of Doug’s NFL Power Poll did not change, however, teams five through nine all lost last Sunday. The middle of the standings were all shook up. It should be noted – the Cardinals are climbing and at St.Louis and at Tennessee before hosting Minnesota on the first Sunday in December. Who loses first between the Saints, Colts,and Vikings? Do you agree? Disagree? Give your comments on the comment board and compare your own NFL Power Poll.

1. SAINTS: Almost lost number one spot after struggles with STL…leads NFL with 43 TD’s—11 more than 2nd place MIN
2. COLTS: Would be number one if they weren’t dominated the whole game v NE…4th in scoring offense and 1st in scoring defense—those are SB numbers
3. VIKINGS: Under the surface is a huge stadium problem; in order to even playing field with other teams, MIN stopped paying rent but now Metrodome wants them to resume payment…hey Metrodome, wait until LA gets a team before you start playing hard ball
4. BENGALS: LJ needs to be a low-level celebrity so he can get lost in clubs @ night and doesn’t do well in small Midwestern towns that love their NFL team while idolizing their stars…the move from KC to CIN changes nothing
5. PATRIOTS: So you’ve already rung up 467 yards of offense and you’ve converted 76% of all your 4th & 2’s or less —I still say good move
6. STEELERS: Just finished brutal 3 game stretch to be rewarded with @KC, vOAK, & @CLE in 3 of next 4…so many stats say PIT’s a great team but they need to reclaim yards after sacks and they’re -2 in TO ratio
7. CARDINALS: Win out and you’re the #2 seed—sound far-fetched? I give you the huge “if” vMIN but look at the rest of the teams here.
8. COWBOYS: Average in sacks, 20th in fmb rec, 26th in INT’s…also average in coaching
9. CHARGERS: They have LT and their 32nd in rushing…fought all year to get even with DEN and now they go to mile high this week.

10. RAVENS: Nice home stand vIND and vPIT…no Suggs Sunday—Quinn took him out with an illegal block/tackle
11. PACKERS: A 4th ranked defense and 8th ranked offense shouldn’t be 5-4…if stats are more important to you than wins, Aaron Rodgers is your man
12. TEXANS: With vIND and vNE still on the sched, vTEN this week is must win…Super Mario leads team in sacks but is 30th in the league, same as his team
13. BRONCOS: Where did all my “you’re an idiot for hating DEN” e-mails go
14. EAGLES: @CHI, vWSH, & @ATL…perfect competition, 3 middle-to-weak teams to see if PHI is a middle-to-weak team
15. JAGUARS: If you just read the stats, this is a 2 win team…5 wins are amazing for this team but don’t start thinking playoff run, teams they’ve beat are 15-30
16. FALCONS: Losing Michael Turner is too much for this team
17. GIANTS:: The ignorance of stats–#1 defense but 21st in scoring defense…@WSH is last gimmie left
18. DOLPHINS: Ronnie’s Brown’s on IR ending his season—and MIA’s
19. 49ERS: Never seen a team score 10 pts and dominate in a win…interesting game @GB to see who’s serious about the season
20. BEARS: Any other QB would be benched and yet Cutler still blames others…opponents have more 1st downs and TD’s, better 3rd down conv %, and fewer sacks and TO’
21. JETS: Hey Bill, only one 4th down has been converted against NYJ this year — don’t know why I thought you should know that
22. PANTHERS: Jordan Gross out for season — not a good time to lose a LT when you play on Thursday night
23. TITANS: 3-0 since VY began starting…right, left, right, left, right, right, double — not the run plays but the new $250K dance invented by Bud
24. REDSKINS: 29th in scoring makes it a great time for @DAL, @PHI & vNO
25. BILLS: When they thought firing they’re OC in pre-season would be a good idea?
26. SEAHAWKS: Hey Mora, quit whining…averaging only 3.8 y/c
27. CHIEFS: When season started, two biggest weapons were Bowe and LJ and they’re both gone…converting only 20% of 3rd downs
28. RAIDERS: Every time I think they can’t get dumber, now they bench Russell…this franchise won’t win 7 games until Al Davis is dead
29. RAMS: #3 WR Keenan Burton out for year …opponents are converting over 50% of 3rd downs
30. BROWNS: Quinn takes out Suggs for a game, Mangini takes out Cribbs, Lerner takes out Browns
31. LIONS: Worst defense in football…vCLE on Sun, good seats still available
31. BUCS: If Gruden was fired because of a Dec collapse, what does a season collapse do?

Doug Franz

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Doug’s NFL Power Poll – Week 11