Doug: Notes from the Cardinals Week 1 win over the Rams

Sep 13, 2010, 2:48 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

1st quarter

Brandon Keith can’t possibly think he’s supposed to block the outside rush and let someone come untouched from the 5-technique

DA looks really inaccurate to start but the key is no INT’s and his receivers are bailing him out

Great move by Campbell…made the sack while being held

Can’t possibly play a better first quarter to start the year than A-dub did

2nd Quarter

Steven Williams has to recognize he’s hot and get his head around faster…should’ve been a TD

Washington reads the play like a veteran

So difficult to fully appreciate Jackson as a Ram…love to see him with a stable organization

Granted Bradford’s a rookie but Bill Davis is really good at his job

Hightower carried an entire drive for the 1st TD

Great Rams play call to end the half, limit the rookie’s reads with the roll out

3rd Quarter

This game is going exactly like I think the season will go

How did Michael Adams not get called for defensive holding in the end zone?

Breaston just saved Brandon Keith from giving up a TD

How many penalties can one team handle?

DA is playing poorly but I don’t know how anyone could play well behind that O-Line

I hate wasted timeouts…did you not know the 3rd down play was going to take place 40 seconds after the 2nd down play?

There was no safety help over the top, Fitz made the right read and DA missed a TD

Very next play DA missed Fitz because of up the gut pressure

Dockett got tackled on the Jackson run and there’s no flag

Next play Dockett got hit with an illegal chop block…am I the only one that can see the line play?

Brandon Keith is just not an NFL caliber player at this point

Does the O-line know the regular season started?

As close as this division will be, Komar’s fumble could be an enormous play for the whole year (obviously that’s depending on the games outcome)

Big league 3rd down conversion from your own end zone…Bradford has great poise

4th quarter

This game is coming down to which O-line wants to win

Another penalty

Another penalty

Another penalty

Big play from Paris Lennon…must feel good as a former Ram

I don’t think Cards can win if they don’t score on this drive

Another big play from Breaston

TD!…How did Fitz get that open? Doesn’t any of the Rams DB have 2010 Madden?

There’s no excuse if you lose a game to a rookie QB in his first start driving down the field for a winning TD

Seattle just beat SF. Even though I picked it, there comes a point where you’re so right you’re wrong. No way would I have picked a blow-out. That was such a beat down I don’t think I get credit.

Bradford’s moving the team.

Dumbest coaching move of the weekend…if you’re going to go for it on 4th down then why did you throw it down the field on third down? If you knew you were going to go for it on 4th then use 3rd down to shave yards off the distance, like a Steven Jackson draw play. If you want to throw down the field on 3rd down, then kick the FG.

Ball game…but I’d like to see Rhodes get down…don’t risk the fumble…give the ball to your offense to run out the clock

Holy ____! Hightower is clearly down but don’t blame the refs. He can’t even make it close in that situation. Between his fumbles and Wells’ inability to pick up the blitz, there are real problems.

That fumble makes Rams’ coaches look even dumber for not kicking the FG.

I’ll say it again. There’s no excuse for allowing a rookie QB in his first start to march down the field and win the game…but I’m nervous this time

A-DUB! An INT while cramping up. That’s a gamer.

This game is exactly what I’ve been saying all off-season. This is not a good team but this division is so bad they’ll win it anyway.

Doug Franz

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Doug: Notes from the Cardinals Week 1 win over the Rams