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LeBron James and learning life’s lessons

The Cleveland Cavaliers would have never won a championship with LeBron James.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will win a championship with LeBron James.

Name an athlete who has done what he has done. No athlete in American history has dealt with more hype from an early age. There was talk that he might leave school early for the NBA. HIGH SCHOOL!

A number one overall pick to his hometown team. Very few experience pressure like that. Although he struggled at times, he has learned from every mistake and become a better person. Very few can say that about themselves.

The list of failed athletes due to overrated talent, burned out, drugged up, self-centered is frighteningly longer than the LeBron list. He shouldn’t have run off the court avoiding the Celtics. He shouldn’t have burned the Cavs with a phone call from “his people” five minutes before his announcement on “The Decision.” He shouldn’t have tried to revive Jim Gray’s career.

Other than Jim Gray, he’s admitted every time he’s wrong and comes out a better person. We’ve been able to sit back and watch a 17-year-old boy–under tremendous pressure to make mistakes that hurt his PR but not expose some tragic character flaw– grow into the definition of a man.

It’s not because he’s going back to Cleveland that he deserves so much praise. It’s his reasons. Remove any feelings you had about LeBron James before reading, and focus on two things: how he feels about leaving and why he said he’s coming home.

When you’re done reading, remember this…he’s 29 years old.

What man can read that and not learn how to be a better man?