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Wells, Whisenhunt agree on run game importance

In four games this season, Cardinals fans started to get
the run game they’ve been asking for, but it’s only
translated to one win. So what gives?

Cardinals Head coach Ken Whisenhunt said having a solid
run game is important but not as important as getting

“I think it brings confidence to your team to be able to
do that. If we can continue to improve the run game like
it’s been last week and build off that, it will make us a
more balanced offense and more difficult to defend and
that’s ultimately what we’re trying to do,” Whisenhunt

Beanie Wells has always been a proponent of running the
ball more, not surprising considering he’s a running back.
But he also said it does him no good to have a great game
when the team doesn’t get a win.

“Yeah, the run game does seem to fire us up but clearly
not enough. We’re not getting victories. We just need to
figure out a way to close out the game, whether it be
running or passing the ball.”

The Cardinals have rushed the ball 100 times for 438 yards
this season through four games. That’s 16th in the league
overall. Wells is also second in the league with 107.0
yards per game.

Wells said it’s nice to put up rushing numbers against
good defenses but without the W’s, it’s meaningless.

“All in all, if we pass the ball for 500 yards and get a
victory, who’s complaining then. We want to get the win
most importantly.”

We’ll find out Sunday against the Vikings if the Cardinals
can avoid losing their 4th straight with the help of a
balanced attack.

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