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Hasselbeck’s brother thinks AZ would be good fit

PHOENIX – ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck played agent for older brother, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, on Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug and Wolf show Wednesday.

Having been a part of the Cardinals team and playing in the system for a couple weeks back in 2007, Tim Hasselbeck thinks his brother would be an ideal fit for Arizona.

He may be biased, but he had strong words regarding the possibility of his brother coming to play in Arizona next season and how it could upgrade the team.

“If he had been with the Arizona Cardinals a year ago, where really the biggest question mark was quarterback, they would have won the division,” said Hasselbeck.

Critics have pointed to Hasselbeck’s increased interception totals and inability to stay healthy as reasons he’s past his prime.

The younger Hasselbeck believes those are just a byproduct of the teams his brother has played on.

“That was a bad team he was on in Seattle a year ago. To me you can make the arguement that that should have been a four-win team,” he said.

Hasselbeck added his brother has plenty left in the tank.

“There’s no doubt he’s still a starting quarterback in the league. There’s plenty of football left in him,” he said.

In addition, Tim Hasselbeck sees his brother hanging around the league for some time despite being 35-years-old.

“He’s going to play as long as he can. He’s loves playing football,” said Hasselbeck.

If the Cardinals don’t end up taking a quarterback in the draft, it would be hard not to argue that Hasselbeck would be an upgrade to anything Arizona currently has on its roster.

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